Post-Punk | Gothic Rock: Joy Division – Shadowplay (REACTION)

 Post-Punk | Gothic Rock: Joy Division – Shadowplay (REACTION)

Have you ever heard of the band Joy Division? They are one of my favorite Post-Punk | Gothic Rock bands. I’m in love with their song Shadowplay. Just listen to …


Joshua Towers: Radio

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  • You should give Cocteau Twins a chance. Elizabeth Fraser has an amazing voice. My favorite album of there’s is Victorialand. Also Dead Can Dance is another incredible group.

  • Great review, one of my top 10 fav songs of all time!

  • 1. Disorder
    2. Love Will Tear Us Apart
    3. Passover
    4. Digital
    5. New Dawn Fades

  • do the ballad of peter pumpkin head by xtc

  • Do Interzone please!

  • Started Following JD in 1980 have all original LPs 12"s and loads of bootlegs from back in the day. After Ians Death I started following New Order seen them Live Loads of times Around The Uk. Now Peter Hook and the Light the only real way to see both bands work Live. Great music as always

  • Digital Transmission Day of lords The Eternal Decades

  • gothic rock WTF !

  • Just a word on the name… One reactor I saw recently seemed to think that he was revealing something dark and sinister about the band. The name is dark and sinister, but the band isn't… The following piece on clarifies and is thought-provoking, I think…

  • Joy division is so great you cannot imagine
    every song is amazing but very depri

  • fuck…. even after being a joy division fan for years and years, that guitar solo near the end of the song still always plasters a wide grin onto my face. even thinking about the solo while typing this comment is making me smile. one of my favorite guitar solos IN HISTORY!

  • Joy Division is more a bridge between punk and new wave.

  • 1 New Dawn fades
    2 disorder
    3 atmosphere
    4 decades
    5 love will tear us apart

  • top 5? here ya go…
    1. Passover
    2. The Eternal
    3. Twenty-four Hours
    4. New Dawn Fades (Moby does an excellent cover)
    5. jdfbjyd itcb jrf

  • Passover by Joy Division from their 2nd studio album, Closer… that, my friend, is thee song for me. by the way… what do you think about New Order and how different JD's music is compared to NO?

  • Try "A Way" by The Bolshoi

  • Get yourself into Twin Tribes – Fantasmas. That is modern Post Punk and is defining new rock.

  • "put this on repeat"? this, as well as every other joy division (add new order) song has been on repeat for many years

  • Top favorite song from them. Ian Curtis had epilepsy and suffered from Anxiety and seizures on stage. Lyrically, the song is awesome. You just have to listen to their Unknown Pleasures album front to back.

  • Punk deconstructed in 4 minutes by Martin Hannett, sent straight off hurtling into deep space. No wasted notes. Awesome power.

    1 Colony
    2 Atmosphere
    3 New Dawn Fades
    4 Decades
    5 Dead Souls

    Of the less well-known

    1 Komakino
    2 These Days (live)
    3 From safety to where
    4 Digital
    5 Walked in line

  • Am i the only one who can’t here any punk in this song what so ever.

  • Am I right. Because I’m sure I’ve heard a longer version of this song/tune.

  • speaks for the sheer quality of JD's catalogue that their biggest hit isn't even near anybody's top 5

  • 24 hours, the best choice.
    The Killers reprise is awsome

  • My favorite Joy Division song! RIP Ian

  • While you are into Joy Division…..take a listen to "No Love Lost" Its stunning version of the early Warsaw/Joy Division classic. Raw, powerful, brutal and listen Loud

  • Twenty Four Hours
    A Means To An End

  • Everybody ranking their favorites in order, but I just can’t lol. I love too many of their songs.

  • They used to open gigs with this song so Ian could gauge what the audience was going to be like.

  • in this line. transmision,disorder,heart and soul,new dawn fades,ceremony

  • The Timeless masterpiece, cherish them .🙏🏽

  • Sometimes I listen to JD's Shadowplay when I get home late at night. And it’s so great when this music sounds in your headphones and you are alone on a dark street

  • 1- Decades
    2- Day of Lords
    6- Dead souls

  • done both
    buttons before listening. x

  • It funny because I heard this song for the first time today. I heard bit and pieces about this song Shadowplay in the end of it earlier today. I had to play this song to see if I would like the entire song and it grab a hold of me. The solo on the guitar was the signature point of the whole song. Ian doesn't have a talented vocalist in my opinion, but the song blended well with his voice. It a shame Ian Curtis passed away from suicide, who know how big this band could have been if Ian didn't passed on.

  • Very influential song like most of songs on "UP" and "Closer". This track influenced gothic rock and some metal genres a lot. Most of Sisters of Mercy and Mission stuff follow this.

  • Love Joy Division and Shadowplay is one of their best. It's worth checking out all their stuff including compilation albums Still and Substance. Here's five of their less obvious ones that I like:
    Exercise One
    Something Must Break
    Leaders of Men

  • Check out Skeletal Family, theyre a goth rock group from the UK. As for new wave, definitely check out Strawberry Switchblade.

  • Easy top 5 are in no particular order

    Heart and soul

  • 1. Disorder
    2. Ceremony (Heart & Soul compilation album)
    3. New Dawn Fades
    4. The Eternal
    5. In a Lonely Place (Heart & Soul compilation album)


  • No love lost

    she's lost control

  • Ian is on a different tier as a lyricist.

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