Postpunk, Coldwave, SynthPop, Minimal Wave, Ebm, Italo Disco. PARTY MIX

Postpunk, Coldwave, SynthPop, Minimal Wave, Ebm, Italo Disco. PARTY MIX / YAMI SPECHIE.

I hope you like this Playlist that I made for you, This is a selection of different musical genres, among them you can find classic, current bands.

This is a special Mix for my 5000 Followers, I hope you like it.


29 thoughts on “Postpunk, Coldwave, SynthPop, Minimal Wave, Ebm, Italo Disco. PARTY MIX”

  1. Playlist By;
    00:00 Tobias Bernstrup – Hitman
    04:00 Schwefelgelb – Fokus
    07:00 SAVINO feat. DAVID ESSEX – VICTIM OF LOVE Extended MIX
    10:20 Nikto – In Progress
    12:15 Trisomie 21 – The Last Song
    14:13 Fake Drugs – Glass Eyes
    15:43 Die Selektion – Unter Die Haut
    18:22 Boy Harsher – Pain
    20:48 Drab Majesty – Too Soon To Tell (Cold Cave Remix)
    24:25 Techniques Berlin – Love Via Computer
    28:08 Sabby Rayas – Friday Night
    31:36 Clan Of Xymox – Theres No Tomorrow (The Frozen Autumn rmx)
    35:50 La Scaltra – Nightmares
    40:54 Handful of snow drops – Gabrielle 12.
    43:42 Hertzinfarkt – Beware of the Destiny.
    46:11 The March Violets – Snake Dance
    50:44 TR/ST – Chrissy E
    53:56 Stereo – Somewhere In The Night ( 1982 Synth Italo Disco France )
    56:42 Nouvelle Phénomène – Cruel Game (Vanzetti Sacco Remix).

  2. tryin before my death this year man fucking gave up my dsbm/black metal peisithanatos….trying create my true spirit no nerd talk…..none help can explain….tired beg like dog man POWER ELECTRONIC (HARSH) NOISE BAND CREATE, (HOWL MOCKERY at the CROSS) -peisithanatos……………………)((asking what i need dead friends knew all 11 dead since '09-'13!!!….google no help videos no help …..x1l3 helps videos sound i want creates own modules???? dont get it like pedals to mixer???? for p.e.noise? say 24 hours reply trying buy sick cb-mic with gain on it long bar sick, then different sound module? style pedals?? mixer combos??? want wreckage one!! over month no reply sadly….cant hold my money buyin lp's! cds going broke!!! need mixer?pedals for guitar got 1 want 1 more rare death metal distortion pedal!!! but he wont reply no one does sadly…need digital 4?6?8?track guess can plug into damn laptop? with modules pedals into mixer need? fuuuuaaaack!… mixer do i need a mixer seems digital 4/6/8 tracks record onto sd card put on computer! trying win lost 4/6/8 track by $1!!! ebay damn! n no answer from this guy , , (try say inspired by pehnoise like genocide organ/con-dom… allin spoken word war in my head, …ash pool vocals….., final solution vox/music as on song kill mode!……………

  3. Going to be blasting this mix on Saturday making my own night club at my house, since every bar and club is shut down in California 😝 making the best of what’s going on around the world 🌎.

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