Postpunk, Gothrock, Coldwave, Deathrock, Minimal, Synth

01/ Led Er Est – Bikini Fun
02/ Plastic People time desolation
03/ Jad Wio 3615 Mad Sex
04/ boxbury beat – windows
05/ The Council of Days – Methedrine
06/ This Burning Effigy – Her Own Volition
07/ Infidel – Crimson
08/ Im Nebel – Blind Ekstase
09/ Vivid Atmosphere – A mere drop In The Welkin
10/ Stone 588 – Iron Satellites
11/ The Name – Jesus And the Devil
12/ Comsat Angels – You Move me (One good reason)
13/ Dreamtime – Endgame
14/ Entertainment – flesh
15/ Lost Loved Ones The Dark
16/ DHM – Sentimentally Sick[1]
18/ Crashblack Big Orange Black Whitened Vein
Postpunk, Gothrock, Coldwave, Deathrock, Minimal, Synth

This Mix is includes a wide variety of music Styles.. This mix is intended to promote bands that are not widely famous, If you like the band Buy the original material
Thankyou for Listening, I hope you enjoy it
Esta mezcla incluye una amplia variedad de estilos musicales .. Esta mezcla está destinado a promover las bandas que no son ampliamente famoso, Si te gusta algunas de estas bandas compra el material original. Gracias por escuchar mis playlist, espero que lo disfruten


40 thoughts on “Postpunk, Gothrock, Coldwave, Deathrock, Minimal, Synth”

  1. haha i remember those 5 years ago when you posted this man. Was in my high school senior spanish class trying to google the lyrics to find Roxbury Beat – Windows. No luck then, glad to see this has taken off 🙂

  2. I tried to get the times. It might be off a bit

    0:003:29 Led We Est-Bikini Fun
    3:296:18 Plastic People-Time Desolation
    6:189:48 Jad Who 3615-Mad Sex
    9:4812:50 Roxbury Beat-Windows
    12:5016:10 The Council of Days-Mathedrine
    16:1020:08 This Burning Effigy-Her Own Violation
    20:0822:30 Infidel-Crimson
    22:3028:17 Im Nebel-Blind Ekstase
    28:1731:37 Vivid Atmosphere-A mere drop in the Welkin
    31:3734:04 Stone 588-Iron Satellites
    34:0438:40 The Name-Jesus and the devil
    38:4042:37 Comsat Angels-You move me(one good reason)
    42:3747:54 Dreamtime-Endgame
    47:5451:49 Entertainment-Flesh
    51:4954:47 Lost Loved Ones-The Dark 54:4757:38 DHM- Sentimentally Sick[1]
    57:38 Crashbang Big Orange Black Whitened Vein

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