Prayers And The Cholo Goth Movement – Noisey Meets

The pioneering electronic/industrial “cholo goth” duo Prayers formed in 2013 with vocalist Leafar Seyer and producer Dave Parley. Both Mexican immigrants, the …



  • Rip frosty loc 😢

  • I respect this cat a lot..

  • So he’s 46 years old

  • Shot out to the homie Joker 🃏 from Sherman ✌🏼

  • Sounds like a camotero in denial

  • Leafar Sayer is trash. His daughter was sexually abused by one of his friends. He blamed her for what happened and became estranged from her.

  • Que no mamen

  • I honestly though the cholos originated in the south, (like Texas), but they actually originated in South Carolina.

  • The real cholo's not claim they body self as a cholo

  • The chicana goth girls are fine AF

  • 🥳

  • Live your life

  • Nothing new. The first MS13 coming to LA were heavy metal stoners listening to Black Sabbath. And a ton of chicanos are fully in love with Morrissey, The Smiths or The Cure.

    It's an absurd cliché to think that "gang members only listen to gangsta rap".

  • My tio right there with the Sherman on his chest, what you doing tio Sergio 🤣

  • What does violence has to do with gothic music?

  • Boy, what a nut job!

  • This maybe the most closeted homosexual thing I've ever seen. You know the only gangbanging these dudes are doing is to each other behind closed doors. Definitely some weird fetish movement.

  • Is there a culture for white supremacist mexicans??

  • This is rafa? Wow. I remember him when he was a young kid. He use to live behind the little park in sherman on 22nd and market. I clearly remember (frank) wicked, (omar) gizmo and (rafael) termite from back in 90-91. They were always in sherman representing. Wow time flies

  • "Que paso ,nada just worshipping satan. After this I'm going to cut myself you down fool?"😎

  • Always thought gangsters had the education level of a 5 year old, this video solidified my opinion of their education level.

  • Send them back home please.

  • Didn't he get married to Kat Von D

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