CHOLO GOTH.. PRAYERS A.K.A. San Diego’s Finest…this track is off the GOTHIC SUMMER EP…to purchase this song go to


management: kenny Ochoa at



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  • And got thick in the summer and got thick in the summer…got thick in the summer. Got thick in the summer.

  • 2022

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  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Not into it, I do respect being into your shit and not being a Poser about it…
    Being from Southern California,, San Diego is its own thing, joking I would say dude the guy is cool, he surfs, skates, Into Lowriders and Gothic… I never knew that was real … San Diego is chill.. cheers from Orange County CA… I use to get called Fake White Boy, by Gang members, Called a f@g by Jocks, We Fought all the Time.. you had to or be labeled a Poser, Standing up for the Shit you believe in and life you want is what made me,
    Death Rockers we got called by Older Punk's.. goth boys wore skirts and make up, all well and good, Docs, Monkey Boots and Creepers, Jean jackets with patches..
    Even when we would get away from town, parties etc, meeting Goth kids I would frequently hear I've never met a Mexican in the scene..
    If you got this far..
    Look up..
    Altar of Eden these kids got it.. seriously

  • The Gothiness don't stop when summer ends….gets lil cooler then we make Amends….it's now time to ball it's Gothick Fucking Fall….Then it's goes from cool to fucking cold It's the Gothick Winter if I may be so fucking bold……when the sun comes fucking out so does the bling cuz that's right it's the Gothick Fucking Spring

  • My mom's and lil sister n grandma grave is in this video….ur music is sick!!

  • this video is deep if you pay attention

  • Props to the kid with the darth nihilus mask

  • Where the fuck have y’all been in my Highschool days 🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Watch dogs 2

  • This goes hard !

  • Haven’t heard one bad song yet

  • Gothic Chicanoooooooooo

  • #1 in the planet … healing properties this song shares generous.may his success be well implied for more of his art is yet to be unraveled

  • This came out 8 years ago and I’m barely finding out about them now in 2022?! What the hell?! Amazing

  • Этот трек мне порекомендовала Яндекс.Музыка. Нет трека, который был бы лучше этого. 3 миллиона просмотров для такого шедевра – ничтожно мало((( надеюсь… прослушиваний всё же больше.
    P. S. Я не знаю о чём она (я потом посмотрю перевод), но она… просто мне нравится. Этот тембр, ударные🤤🥰

  • Katarina Kat von D…

  • Groetjes van maxima mijn zwager ook Willem Alexander mijn naam is Sergio-Sezgin 04-03-1986 president dictator prens.. /// 7.3 dese world draaiende méér 8 keer.. love'mjjn land Israël's

  • Now that's a a fine piece of brown garbage! Sexy! Love your work.If you don't understand the dark then fuck you light!Biggest hypocrites!Go play your Ukulele away the fuck away from me!Never mind I killed a couple a kids in Mexico or central America to find myself doing Iowaska in CostaRic!!I hate this place.PEACE🤣man

  • I'm from the barrio in Texas. I love this.

  • Love the synthesizers in this beat. Brings me back to my childhood in the 80s.

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