PRAYERS La Vida Es Un Sueño

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  1. This is such a beautiful video. I love it because I was born and raised in LA and I see so many familiar places of some of the streets I grew up in.
    Plus it’s so dope that the beginning dance is by where I reside now. Thanks man. Your music has saved me. 🤘🏻

  2. I'm all caught up on the Iron Jacket drama and despite that he's the best part in this video. His blue eyes made him look even more mysterious in the video. The tattoos, the red paint, the dancing, the gestures all worked. An old 60's convertible black Cadillac would have also worked for the video but I guess all the kids want to see a Rolls. It's unfortunate Iron Jacket isn't the real deal but most people in videos aren't.

  3. Rafael Reyes, also credited as Leafar Seyer, is an American author, artist and musician credited with creating the Cholo goth genre of music, which lyrically explores the realities of gang and street …THIS IS A WHOLE NEW GENRE OF MUSIC OK…NICE

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