Punk / Goth inspired Siouxsie Sioux Makeup tutorial

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38 thoughts on “Punk / Goth inspired Siouxsie Sioux Makeup tutorial”

  1. Whomever this isn't pleasing, I don't think I want to know lol. She was such an inspiration to so many!!! The skill of application, the patience, the sheer artistry, is what's most interesting to me. Love it! Thanks for sharing & have a great day today!

  2. Gorgeous! I’m am original Siouxsie fan from 80’s and was a goth had my spikey black crimped hair, fishnets, pointy shoes, long skirts etc and my Sioux eye make up and also creating my own style too as I matured. I met Sioux and saw banshees live. You’ve done an amazing job. I’m an artist and I found that being a goth make up is all about art and being creative, bravo! We had to make our own clothes back then too using a singer sewing machine.

  3. You are the definition of a true makeup artist and as a makeup artist of 10!years myself watching you and doing makeup including most of your other videos makes me feel like what I’m doing if right and I’m not crazy and as much as I Love Instagram and all the makeup looks shown are beautiful but makeup is about enhancing beauty .. basically there is so many Mua out there but you have true talent are very educated and it’s refreshing I hope you understand what I’m trying to say lol .ur amazing xox

  4. I came across this and that was so brilliant. You nailed Siouxsie's look! I have loved Siouxsie and the Banshees since I was 15 and heard "Spellbound." Her make up always fascinated me. Wonderful job!

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