Rebel Christening – Tribal Eye (1985) Post Punk, Gothic Rock – UK

 Rebel Christening – Tribal Eye (1985) Post Punk, Gothic Rock – UK

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Rebel Christening – Tribal Eye (1985)

00:00 Tribal Eye
05:03 Desire And Glory
08:10. Go Forth (Brave Heart)

Genres: Post Punk, Gothic Rock
Country: United Kingdom
Label: Clay Records


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  • so good

  • Wow.. Reminds me of The Danse Society (the old danse society in 80's), and mixed with a bit of Killing Joke, of course!

  • Bunch of lads from Stoke on Trent 👍

  • this sounds like the stooges' goth period, hypothetically speaking, of course.

  • Crearon escuela Killing Joke..

  • Really stunning and exploding head stuff!!!

  • Unfortunately, this is all they ever did. I have had this EP since it was released. Still love it as much as I did when I first heard it! Glad others here will get to listen to this gem. Thanks for posting this and all the other music you feature. I owned my own independent record store in the 80's specializing in imported music from Britain & Europe, so your channel is exactly what I love. Instant Subscriber!

  • Legendary bassline.

  • Love the sounds and vocals. Dancin' toe tappin'.

  • This really slaps 🙏

  • Good stuff.
    I think the cover image is taken from 1920´s The Golem movie.

  • I never heard of this band,. Great Music, i want CDs.

  • This stuff is incredible!. It kind of reminds me of a mix of gang of four and killing joke…

  • Early discovery for me, love this act. Wish they had put out more, but this small release is always a pleasure to revisit and gets better each time.

  • Influência de Killing Joke pesadíssima

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