Remain In Silence – Monument (1985) Gothic Rock – Germany

Monument (1985)
Genres: Post Punk, Gothic Rock, Darkwave

00:00 Lonesome Hours
04:42 Hope In Fear
09:33 My Room
14:37 Wasted Time
18:33 Moments Of Decadence
22:36 Hero

Label: Independance


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  1. Lyrics for "Lonesome Hours".


    My eyes are full of shadow

    My frame of mind is sad

    Trying all that telephone numbers

    No one's there

    I need someone who knows to lie

    Someone who knows to lie

    This night the awful things come true

    If you need them they are gonna sleep

    Is it love what makes the world go round I don't know

    There's no one here to ask

    There's no one here to ask

    A lie is all we need to live today

    Loneliness can't last so long

    I was born to find you now you can't disappear

    I'm missing me so bad I'm missing me

    I'm missing me