Rob Zombie Shares Costume Designs For His Reboot of THE MUNSTERS


Rob Zombie is keeping us well fed with updates on his Munsters reboot. Just recently he posted the blueprint for his fully authentic redesign of Mockingbird Lane on Instagram. Now we get costume designs for Herman and Lily Munster’s spectacularly goth evening wear. I won’t lie, it’s been extremely cool getting a backstage pass into Zombie’s creative process for his upcoming iteration of The Munsters

The director has been uncharacteristically excited about the pre-production for his next film. Not only have we been privy to some set design, but he’s also posted photos and videos of his location scouting adventures. Subsequently, only one month ago he confirmed his involvement in the reboot by sharing an all-new Munsters logo to his Instagram feed.

The teased costume concepts for Lily and Herman Munster portray the duo in gothic sleepwear. There’s a clear callback to 1960s wholesomeness, which is what the original series was all about. The details showcase spider-web embroidery, skulls, and even Herman Munster’s iconic platform slippers.

Check it out:

Zombie’s reboot is the first time The Munsters property has been approached in nearly a decade. However, back in 2012, NBC attempted to bring the show back with Bryan Fuller. The original run of The Munsters aired on CBS from 1964-1966. The 1980s revival series The Munsters Today was a minor success, however, the franchise has released a number of TV movies and countless side projects. The plot revolves around a family of an average 1960s nuclear family. Except, twist, most of them are actually monsters. 

Horror fans will know Rob Zombie as a tried and true household name. Beyond his lengthy and iconic music career, RZ has already directed a handful of divisive genre classics. Moreover, his body of work includes the critically acclaimed House of 1000 Corpses and the extremely polarizing 2007 remake of Halloween

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The Munsters - Rob Zombie Now Shares Gothic Costume Designs From His Reboot of THE MUNSTERS


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