Shadows Unveiled: An Event with Klub Gargoyle – FRIDAY- FEB 23 –

Shadows Unveiled: An Event with Klub Gargoyle

This Friday, Feb 23, Klub Gargoyle resurfaces with “The Children of Shadows” to carve another unforgettable memory into the hearts of the nocturnal. You are invited to join this intimate roving club, a sanctuary for aficionados of goth rock, death rock, and post-punk.

Klub Gargoyle, despite its elusive schedule, stands as a bastion for local underground acts and a haven for those who revel in the night. As dusk falls, be prepared to be captivated by the haunting melodies and mesmerizing performances of five extraordinary bands, promising an electrifying evening that would make Dracula himself rise in applause

 The Dirty Horror: Dive deep into the heart of LA’s Deathrock scene with The Dirty Horror, a band that conjures a sound as profound and enigmatic as the night. Veterans of the gothic labyrinth of the city, they wield a hypnotic power that seizes the soul, crafting music that resonates with the beauty lurking in the shadows.

Black Heroin Gallery: Venture into the ethereal domain of Black Heroin Gallery, where Theatrical Death Rock is reimagined. Their music is a haunting voyage, each note a siren call into the depths of the psyche, inviting you to explore the mysteries that whisper from the dark.

Mood of a Sinner: Experience the raw, unadulterated essence of deathrock with Mood of a Sinner. Their music is a primal outcry, a release from the darkness within, promising an encounter as profound as it is unforgettable.

Dominion: With roots in the early ’90s and hailing from the vibrant scenes of East Asia, Dominion’s presence in the goth rock and post-punk community is both venerable and vibrant. Their timeless energy and commanding sound continue to captivate, driving the genre forward.

Siniestra Kabaret: Step into the captivating world of Siniestra Kabaret, where cabaret and gothic rock merge into a mesmerizing spectacle. Their performances are not merely shows; they are immersive experiences, each melody a narrative, every song a spellbinding journey.

For those who find solace in  shadows & union of souls,Be sure to be there!

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