Stop Making These Tiktoks About Goth Girls

 Stop Making These Tiktoks About Goth Girls

can y’all actually treat goth women/ femmes like people instead of an exotic species? or seggualising us all the time? it’s really gross.

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  • I am a fem presenting goth but I am flat

  • goth girl is when deftones and black lipstick

  • That fit ain't it my guy and you are probably not her type. Spoken as an eldergoth guy who's happily married to an alternative woman. (I'm slowly bringing my wife to the subculture❤). These guys know nothing about Goths and just women in general.

  • Plot twist: The same boys who so desperately want a "goth gf" are watching your videos and are secretly taking notes hoping that they'll bag a "goth chick" this time

  • This is gross tho some men are just 🤮🤮🤮🤮

    Like someone said i want a goth boyfriend one time they git with me anb found ou i had bpd and anxiety and insomnia

    It happens with gkth boys to rarely tho

    Im mentality ill and im a goth but not all goths are i love cemeteries to and i just pick up mostly alt girls but i love them for them snd im a pro gamer to

  • Not all goths are mentally ill or have mental illness? Im just a girl who like dark things and melancholy music. My first favorite movie was nightmare before christmas and my first favorite band was the cure🤷🏻‍♀️ but im the happiest most smiley person i know.

  • I heard my own brother talking about how he wants a goth gf. I asked him if he knew what he’s saying and he told me what he thought goth was. Showed him this video and a few others and I’m proud to say he has apologised to everyone who heard him say it and is telling his friends it’s not ok.

  • I luv your make upppppp

  • I love Goth Women and I love their culture but I don’t know much. And I’m not sure where to start. I want to learn more about it and what to say when talking to people but I’m not sure if they would find me (basic white guy) serious about learning about their culture and things they like.

  • I think she's pissed off but I'm bad at reading people.😉

  • 2:35 girl PREACH, i have bpd and im goth and im CONSTANTLY told im too much to deal with

  • every time i see a "i need a hooot sexy thicc big boobied goth mommy" post it takes 5 years off of my lifespan

  • I’m not even goth but people group me in with this, just because I dress alternative. I feel so bad for actual goths

  • Bruh I know someone that’s like this it’s so GAGGGG 🤢

  • what is it with men sexualising women in mental pain………

    whatever they’ll find something else to fetishise next week🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Just yes I am fetishized all the time

  • I live with my dad just the daddy issues thing should have to stop! I mean if someone says I have mommy issues I honestly wouldn't give two sh*ts and a f*ck because it's true!!:(

  • As someone who is goth I find the Tiktoks mean. All in favor of Tiktok being gone?????

  • gyat

  • Most people need parent related therapy. If you want to ruin your life you need a diva.

  • I don't need a Goth girl to ruin my life. My parents, society and the source already taken care of that. Just need a big bunch of scum and a river to fill with blood. Vampyr, be evil.

  • Most gamer guys I know are just as awful as those “gym bros”. I’m not sure you’ve spent enough time with enough gamers

  • Frrrr!! I love my father. He is THE BEST. My parents r amazing!! I admit that I have some disorders but definitely not depression or daddy issues.. The world is so messed up… I have autism & when I tell u people act up when I unmask I mean it.

  • Within the first 10 seconds I have discovered 2 things.

    1. You guys (whomever they may be… Am I one of the guys?) really didn't disappoint on your submissions.


    2. This person (don't want to misgender without knowing pronouns) is thoroughly pissed off… So much to the point they had to tell us they were thoroughly pissed of thrice.

    10/10 would fall down this rabbit hole again.

  • they asked for a mentally ill goth girl, they left me because of my schizotypal personality disorder

  • remembering when i got told by a guy at school that he wanted to lick my piercings because scene girls are “so hot” (he barked at me a month ago)

  • But I'm a gym bro and my big tiddy goth/Metal waifu loves when I fetishizezz's her. You can be a gym bro, enjoy trad goth, black metal, 90's/2000's pop AND game btw….. HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME!!!

  • I want a guy with long hair who plays an instrument (Or even more than just one) And he can listen to metal and goth music with me 🙂 Also i find it so hot when men use band shirts (not only metallica or slayer, i mean black metal and nu/death metal shirts) 👍🏻

  • I think being put into boxes is something normal for goth people because I’m not even a girl I’m a goth boy and I still get people asking what I’m into like girl I’m freaking 13 I’m not into anything like that

  • I legitimately do not understand this type of men
    But I'm also a light alt fashion lesbian who falls head over heels for both extreme gothics and Disney princess' so 😂

  • People need to realize that it’s not all about the aesthetics.


  • "gamer boi" omg dat me! I had a crush on a "goth" girl and I felt like initially she thought I fetishsized her. Ironically she did end up with another gamer boy, they are happy and thats cool for them.

  • It's ALWAYS been that way, we are stereotyped like this through the 90's and so on through the years. When they say mentally ill they mean hypersexual and daddy issues, when we actually have mental illness we get kicked to the curb. The fact is that they don't even study or learn they don't treat us as humans and I've wanted to throw hands with so many people that sing Emo songs or bark at me. I just ignore it but When I hang out with my goth, Scene, Emo and other different styled friends they all think where the same and I hate it.

  • Yeah i dont like this. I tend to be atracted to goth and more alternative girls and people in general but thats because im goth. Like nothing wrong with finding the style attractive but dont fetishize them

  • Yup this is what ive been saying

  • I was always wondering what goth girls actually think of these types of immature little boys.

  • these ppl are degenerates ngl

  • on a unrealted note, walking through grave yards is the best

  • Met a person who wanted a mentally unstable alt girl when I was very young and stupid and in my "active" alt phase (not that I'm not still alt, I just don't have the time and energy to dress up anymore). We hit it off, it seemed fine… for a couple of weeks. That's how long they lasted. Because all of a sudden it turned out that mentally unstable people aren't actually aesthetically pleasing, clingliness and insecurities aren't actually cute and mental breakdowns aren't actually pretty. Imagine finding out that people with mental health issues… have serious issues


  • As a person that has daddy issues, these men NEED to stop sexualizing it. Its not fun to fucking have.

  • I get the barkig a lot to and I hate it

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