Synth-pop Electro Gothic Wave 1

Synth Pop / Synth Wave / Minimal Wave / Dark Wave / Electro Pop / Cold Wave / Post-Punk / New Wave / Minimal Synth / Ebm / Future Pop / Industrial / Gothic …

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  1. Why, I'm always late to the party? I don't know who you are, "Cypress Cempr3s": Nonetheless, I revere anybody who has, this, level of good taste in music. I've prided myself over the decades as, an "Underground, Goth, EBM, MBM, Dark-Synthwave, Dreampop, (etc)" music-snob, so it's very rare, that I extend my deepest complements — from the bottomless recesses of my black-cockled heart.

    I've been wondering when history would repeat itself, so it sounds like we're back in the 80's, again; but, perhaps a bit more improved. There's "NO" John Cougar Mellencamp, Bruce Springsteen, Phil Collins; or, the horrors of gauche neon colors, so blindingly severe they literally brought on grand mal migraines, enough for me to have to self-isolate myself in my bedroom. As teenagers of the 80's we feared nuclear upheaval at anytime, the post-apocalyptic visions of "Blade Runner", or maybe with a young Mel Gibson in all the "Mad Max" movies, eventually to the "Thunderdome" or, in the enigmatic — genetic abnormality with "Master-Blaster" but, I loved them, anyway. The Post-Punk holidays to Los Angeles for a hopeful, glimpse at Rozz Williams of Christian Death; while in New York, on the opposite coastline, from myself, they had "CBGB's".

    I believe we can thank multiple reasons, which might reflect the current "doom and gloom" of global anticipations in; economic downturns, lack of intrapersonal social interaction, post-Trumpian political upheaval, and the constant surge of the Covid-19 epidemic, which "crests and falls", with ocean-tidal precision. Any of these points are enough reason for anyone to become psychologically overwhelmed. Now, it appears, with the help of the last decade of moody semi-suicidal Emo-kids, current youth culture has turned to the popularity of Hot Topic, Neo-goth, and New-Wave Retro culture has evolved, as a mainstream trope, sadly.

    They've flooded every YouTube channel with childlike glibness and youthful stupidity; as, opposed to we 80's Goth's maintaining our uniquely morbid "Underground Subcultural Perspective" (yes, I spelled the term in capital letters) very seriously — as a new counter-culture — frightening "normal people" who always seemingly, mistook us as some faction of Satanic-worship. There's a big difference between, "Neo-goth, New-Wave Retro-Subculture" and the more traditional "Underground Subculture's". Although this music has a familiar warmth, that has bridged a Grand Canyon like, rift between the "Neo-Retro Sub-Wave Retro Underground" (yes it's an oxymoron) seems to appeal to our 80's New-Wave, Cold-Wave, Underground Goth Subculture, sentiments.

    I think, both sides, will agree on what "road-trip music" will sound like, if we're going to be allowed to leave the house, again? Truthfully, I do cheer the new "underground" state of music, in its attempt to finally overthrow Rap, Hip-Hop, and R&B/Soul which, if think about it, was rooted in 40-something, year old music. Ironic, isn't it?

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