The Best Dark Wave and Goth Music Albums (1980-2020) [25000 Subs Special]

 The Best Dark Wave and Goth Music Albums (1980-2020) [25000 Subs Special]

postpunk #gothic #synthwave The Best Dark Wave and Goth Music Albums (1980-2020) [25000 Subs Special] Mixtape including …


GothicBop: Batwave and Guilty Pleasures

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  • Nice! Any chance you'd still have the playlist you made for your 5,000 sub special on spotify or something? Seems the original video was removed

  • Cool list, not so hidden for us oldies, but gems they are! Haha Ronny from Clan of Xymox once brought me to the Amsterdam trainstation in the morning after a gothnight in a squatted building, me on the back of his bike.

  • Fantastic list! I have most of these on vinyl. Love how these are in chronological order. Nice work!

  • Great list with greats bands ! I'll add Das Ich, Lacrimosa and The Tors of Dartmoor

  • Hello, nice choice, but i miss Wolfsheim/or Heppner … Watch it 😉

  • I'm still in the 80's. I'm 52 now but that's just a number. This is perfect x

  • Hey please why i can't Access "The Best Dark Wave and Goth Music Albums (1980-2019) [5000 Subs Special]

    " it gives my Blocked in your country after i have been listening to it over 8 months or a year

  • Well done. .. !
    But I miss Abortive Gasps 'Bullfrog' (1989) 🙁

  • very good

  • Ok Wappenbund was the floorkiller in the Gothscene. You know Wappembund?

  • So amazing…. very informative…

  • Wow no Molly Nilsson and no NICO…

  • March Violets.

  • Thank you so much for this. I had forgotten about several of these. I miss these days so much. I’m 43 now and was very much in the scene in my teens and early 20’s. Best time of my life

  • Thx for doig this playlists for us, they are really enjoyable and have nice quality

  • The best albums? i don't think so, because it is impossible to know. But I liked your selection

  • You spoil us…this list is soooooo gooooood. Thank You.

  • Congratulations GothicBop!!! You deserve all these subs and more!!!

  • ♥🎼🎵🎼♥……So goodddddd !!!!

  • Ian ✝️🙏🏼 / siouxsie my fav♥️ and the cure

  • Great list this, but I think the roots of Goth go way further back. In fact the year 1968 with Nico's Marble Index, which has undoubtedly influenced all those early Goth/Post Punk bands such as Siouxsie, JD, Bauhaus, Dead Can Dance etc. This album and the two following lp's Desertshore (1970) and The End (1974) set the tone of what was to follow. Nico and John Cale, as her genius arranger and producer (on the latter two albums), created a whole new musical genre, unheard in music before. If the aera of 1980 until nowadays represents the age of Homo Sapiens, these three albums are the equivalent to Homo Erectus.

  • Great timeline list for all those albums that I missed the first time around. thanks

  • Del 2010 al 2021, pura mierda! bandas aburridisimas y poseras. Igual Gracias! me gusto mucho!!!

  • Lovely choice ! We love it !

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