4 thoughts on “The Best Goth Albums/EPs 2016 Part #01 (Minimal Wave, Post Punk, Synth) by Dj Zauber”

  1. 00:00 Selofan – Alaska (Greece)
    In The Darkness [Fabrika Records]
    02:41 Rakta – Intenção (Brazil)
    III [Nada Nada Discos]
    05:38 The Beauty of Gemina – End (Switzerland)
    Minor Sun [Metropolis Records/tBoG Music]
    09:59 Aeon Sable – Elysion (Germany)
    Hypaerion [Solar Lodge]
    14:36 Ritual Howls – Scatters the Scars (USA)
    Into the Water [Felte]
    18:45 Odonis Odonis – Needs (Canada)
    Post Plague [Felte]
    22:17 L'An2000 – Strangers (France)
    Illusions [Manic Depression]
    25:38 Kindest Cuts / Cold Eyes (Canada)
    Factotum (D.I.Y.) kindestcuts.ca
    29:58 Luminance – Human After All (Belgium)
    The Cold Rush [Eins:Zwei:Acht]
    34:30 Zanias – Follow the Body (Germany]
    To the Core [Noiztank]
    Ash Code – Posthuman (Italy)
    Posthuman [Swiss Dark Nights]
    In Letter Form – Wait Now (USA)
    Fracture.Repair.Repeat [Metropolis Records]
    Boy Harsher – Yr Body Is Nothing (USA)
    Yr Body Is Nothing [DKA Records]
    Lebanon Hanover – I Have a Crack (England)
    Babes of the 80s [Fabrika Records]
    We Are Temporary – You Can Let You Go (USA)
    Crossing Over [Trisol]
    Vogue Noir – Segments Feat. Drift (France)
    Digital EP [Unknow Pleasures Records]
    The Chanceller – Love is A Sin (Brazil)
    Highs & Lows [Amplyart Music]
    Trevor Something – Do It Again (USA)
    Soulless Computer Boy And The Eternal Render [In Your Brain LLC]
    Bleib Modern – I Don't Like You (Germany)
    Vale of Tears [Wave Records]
    Gangue Morcego – A Dança não para do outro lado da lua (Brazil)
    Olhem Para As Ruas [D.I.Y.]
    Hapax – Hands (Italy)
    Cave [Swiss Dark Nights]

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