1 thought on “The Best Goth Albums/EPs 2016 Part #02 (Coldwave, Synth, Post Punk) by Dj Zauber”

  1. 00:00 Hante. – Quiet Violence (France)
    No Hard Feelings EP [Synth Religion]
    05:05 Kaelan Mikla – Sýnir (Iceland)
    Kaelan Mikla [Fabrika Records]
    Las Kellies – Sugar Beat (Argentina)
    Friends & Lovers [Fire Records]
    Winter Severity Index – Athlete (Italy)
    Human Taxonomy [Manic Depression]
    Soft Kill – Wake Up (USA)
    Choke [Profound Lore Records]
    20:07 Infinite Void – Face in the Window
    Split 7" with Arctic Flowers [Digital / D.I.Y]
    Stockhaussen – Poison Eyes feat. Kriistan Ann (México)
    Cold Lines [Digital Album]
    Cult Club – Play With Lies (Germany)
    Play With Lies [Domestica Records]
    Lucid Living – Quantitative Easing
    Warriors [Digital EP – D.I.Y]
    35:28 Wonder Dark – Sense (Brazil)
    Sense [Digital Album]
    Visonia – The Love Without You (Chile)
    Opal's Sunflowers [Last Known Trajectory]
    SUNNS – Paralyzer (Canada)
    Hold/Still [Secretly Canadian]
    S/HE – Who do You Love? (Belgium)
    Who do You Love [Sleepless Records Berlin]
    Ortrotasce – Collapsed (USA)
    Monument Of Existence [Disko Obscura]
    Pure Ground – No Passage (USA)
    58:34 Black Pond – Shiver (USA/Germany)
    Chasms [Bodyvolt]
    Blind Delon – Sueur (France)
    Riot [Unknown Pleasures Records]
    1:05:50 Equinoxious – Humanoid feat. Nina Belief (México)
    Amplitud Nuclear [Androfónico Records]
    Dear Deer – Claudine in Berlin (France)
    Oh my… [Swiss Dark Nights]
    Popsimonova – Drive (Croatia) *
    Brokedown Palace [Electronic Emergencies]
    Prudence – Her Desire (USA)
    Strange Memories [Digital Album / D.I.Y.]
    1:20:35 La Scaltra – Nightmares (Germany)
    Cabaret [Digital Album / D.I.Y]
    Empathy Test – Seeing Stars (England)
    Demons / Seeing Stars [Digital / D.I.Y]

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