The Cure: The Making Of The Goth Rock Legends (Full Documentary) | Amplified

 The Cure: The Making Of The Goth Rock Legends (Full Documentary) | Amplified

The Cure: Out of the Woods is an unauthorized look at the goth rock legends the Cure. The film intercuts archival footage along with interviews given by many individuals who worked with the band throughout their lengthy career. This release is unauthorized, meaning there is no original music from the band in the film.

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  • The background music sounds like they just threw together a local swing band and said—"whatever you can do."

  • Why put that hateful POS in the pink shirt in this?! If he gave critique it would be fine but he is just hating.

  • The Cure is not a Goth rock band.

    They had only 2 "goth compatible" albums far in the past : Faith and pornography… after that they produced only pop rock songs…

  • whats happened to these docos? no artist music in this one? (there used 2b) is this the new youtube rules ?? if so they have ruined your format… I cant watch these without real music ,,,especially with the awful fake arsed Cure(ish) loops that are all over this one…. clips are surely fair use???

  • Hey! I like Fields Of The Nephilim! Bloody good band.
    A lot of those goth bands were derivative carp though.

  • OMG! This documentary is the most boring one I’ve ever seen. I had to force myself to finish it. Absolutely horrible.

  • 🎶I appreciate how a lot of the band members didn't take being dropped by a lable personally. They also had the insight (more strongly in hindsight) that maintaining a band had a lot to do within the business of the music indusatry…and how it all sucked…It's like don't waste energy by looking back for redemption ..look forward on how to manipulate "the masses" independantly within the digital streaming methods of today.

  • I have been a Cure fan since I was 16, and I am 55. We flew from Indiana to Dallas to see them in concert, bucket list. It was the best concert ever <3

  • Plumper comment not necessary you wanker.

  • A Great band to work with. I worked on "Cure in Orànge ". One of my best ever gigs!

  • At some point Smith started looking like Elizabeth Taylor in her worst years and it’s too cringe to even look at him. Why dude, why. I listen to them, but I can’t watch the live stuff.

  • I definitely recommend watching lots of documentaries of these bands

  • Why does every documentary about an 80s band on this channel have to mention Thatcher.

  • nice doc but what's up with the knock-off Cure music in the background lol

  • Thet are not Goth! Stop it!

  • The first FIFTY minutes of this doc only get us to 1986. Then Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me and Disintegration get covered in less than a minute, each barely warranting a mention.

    It's one thing to be a b-grade doc that can't afford to license the music or actually interview band members, I get that and come into these things with low expectations and a grain or two of salt. But it's quite another thing to gloss over a band's most important work!

    Every single move the band made from '79-'83 gets spelled out in detail, but "Kiss me" only gets described as having "a raft of hit singles"? No one could say anything more about Disintegration other than citing chart positions and saying vaguely they peaked artistically and commercially? They couldn't find ANYONE to explain how or why that might be??

    This is utter horseshit. Shame on "Chrome Dreams Media" for this hack job cash-in. You truly fucked up.

  • Love their music. They are a legend.

  • No goth

  • He was awesome in Edward Scissor Hands!

  • The bass lines are a really big part of their sound, too.

  • Somehow I found myself here and I couldn't be happier – Weird and wonderful lesson 💜🗞💋

  • Going through moodswings personally, I've used music to get me through life. Right now, rediscovering my love of The Cure has been a great boost. The uptempo tracks are cool, while the atmospheric and moody sounds are the best at describing and capturing are state of mind much like some of my Classical faves do. This documentary for me as a musicologist and musician is fantastic! Thank you!

  • Man I love the cure when they drop a new album you know they will tire again and I’m going to be ready for that tour.

  • 1:01:54 we’ll all be at the nursing home singing old cure songs and Robert Smith will come in and sing a new one ♥️

  • There's only one cure.
    The Cure 🖤

  • THANKS 🌞

  • That Cure look at 60 isn't that cool.

  • Cure concert tomorrow! I’m so excited I feel nauseous

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