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The Dramedy Releases New Album ‘And the Light Goes White’

‘And the Light Goes White’ is the new sophomore album from The Dramedy, officially released from Bandcamp and today (Friday, 19 March 2021).

The Dramedy is the creative outlet of frontman, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and producer, Dave Dramedy. Dave is best-known for his work in the ‘dark alternative’ musical spectrum, from his time as the regular live sideman to Caroline Blind (Sunshine Blind) and as a former member of L.A. deathrockers Readership Hostile, through to the dark alt. rock influences exhibited by The Dramedy’s own debut album, ‘StrAngr(S)tiL’ (2018).

The new follow-up album, ‘And the Light Goes White’, however, defies any such genre expectations. Some of the new album’s biggest surprises include the influence of Britpop and indie guitar pop, combined with tender acoustic ballads, and the big, melodic guitar and vocal hooks of classic rock and alternative rock.
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