The Ghost Of Bela Lugosi-Post-Punk,Gothic,Dance Punk,Disco Dance Punk,Gothwave,Retro,Darkwave Promo

Post-Punk,Gothic,Dance Punk,Disco Dance Punk,Gothwave,Modern Retro,Darkwave,
Just a short 1 min promo, feat music by TGOBL…no fancy self indulgent clip to show.
#PostPunk #Gothic #DancePunk

-Artist – The Ghost Of Bela Lugosi
-Song: Bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia (instrumental) OOP
-Year: 2018
-Country: Australia
-Label: Unsigned
-Credits: guitars, synths, beats,song written, recorded, performed by Lugosi
– Internet Promo

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About TGOBL:-Raw, Dangerous, Sleazy, Erotic, Dark, Dancey, Perverse, Non Conformist, Catchy, Haunting, Subversive.
With Strong Echoes Of Those Who Came Before,& At The Same Time Something Totally New.

TGOBL is a Unsigned Solo Artist/Songwriter Producer/Mask Maker Based In Australia..

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