The Most Beautiful Female Singers (Gothic)

 The Most Beautiful Female Singers (Gothic)

music: ‘The Truth Beneath The Rose’ – Within Temptation.



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  • I'm sorry to disappoint you after all these years, but ZERO percent of this is goth. These women are metal musicians.

    Goth women icons would be:
    Anja Huwe (Xmal Deutschland)
    Dinah Cancer (45 Grave)
    Leah Lane (Rosegarden Funeral Party)
    Monica Richards (Faith and the Muse)
    Siouxsie Sioux (Siouxsie and the Banshees)
    Rachel Speight (Die Laughing)
    Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance)
    Anna Varney Cantodea (Sopor Aeternus')
    Deborah Fogarty (Diva Destruction)
    Charlotte (Nox Novacula)
    Eva O (Eva O)
    Gitane DeMone (ex-Christian Death)
    Candia Ridley (Inkubus Sukkubus)
    Susan Wallace and Tina Root (Switchblade Symphony)

    There are lots more, but those are a few recognised by many goths. Hopefully this is educational; symphonic/gothic/alternative metal is beautiful, but it's not goth music. "Gothic" is a genre of film and literature.

    P. S.
    Evanescence is post-grunge. Meaning, they're neither goth nor metal.


  • Amy Lee is the most beautiful of GOTH

  • Why in God's name would you play someone else's music while showing these women? Seriously. Lazy to cue up the mix?

  • I believe that Amy lee should be 1st

  • I'm sorry, but SHARON DEN ADEL sings much better!

  • Tarja is beautiful

  • i love it,jp.

  • awsome video i really love it

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