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  1. The Eight Commandments of the Star Wars Force. "A Tribute to Star Wars"
    1. Thou shalt believe in Jesus, but whether you agree is your own decision.
    2. Thou shalt love the opposite sex.
    3. Thou shalt appreciate wine and beer.
    4. Thou shalt believeth in the complexity of science.
    5. Thou shalt read the of higher math.
    6. Thou shalt believe in a Heaven afterlife or that one merely dies.
    7. Thou shalt love thy neighbor and people in general, especially by sharing conflict.
    8. Thou shalt develop thy proofs and understand to share them is divinity.
    Note* Homosexuality and gender are about exploring free proofs. Some believe there is extra freedom in understanding and developing the truth. Here in the Force, we support that option.
    Note** The Dark Side is the epitome of sins of the Force Commandments. Their establishment is well understood.
    Addendum 1. The Word "Commandment": The Dark Side is usually weak in people. While the Commandments are usually kept as a natural will, sinners will happen, and the Dark Side will develop. In the case of a full outbreak, I see no real threat even by joining the Dark Side in its full entirety. I would almost welcome it as shared (or hidden) proof. May the Force be With You!

  2. This was my best friend's favourite band of all time and his dream was to see them live, we were gonna go see them in London last year and had tickets and everything… two weeks before the show he fuckin died in a car crash. I went by myself as i knew he would have never forgiven me if I missed it. Kept his seat free and sang to every song… he is definitely part of that intro choir now. Miss you buddy but when I see u again I'm gonna give ya hell for leaving me u fucker <3

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