Tips For Baby Bats Welcome to the Goth Community | Dipped_nBlack

 Tips For Baby Bats Welcome to the Goth Community | Dipped_nBlack

Hey guys, these are just a few tips that I wanted to share for those who need help finding themselves and getting into the Culture! Hopefully what I have to say helps someone in their journey.
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  • Great new goth band is?funeral portrait

  • Hi im a 54 yr old goth guy myself and using sisters of mercy as your opening music sold me on the spot. I can't thank you enough for spreading the word for new Goths everywhere. Love your post.

  • Genuine question: is it okay to dress gothic without really listening to the music? I know that it's a music based subculture, so of course i wouldn't go saying im goth just because i dress a certain way, but i want to ask beforehand if it's wrong or offensive to dress the style without taking part in listening to goth music.
    I mean i have tried listening to a bit before and i do like it, but i much prefer what i regularly listen to, which just happens to not be goth.

  • You look great. Awesome wardrobe.

  • 47 year old here and I’ve always loved goth culture and music. When I was in my teens and was experimenting with makeup, my dad told me I looked like a raccoon and I never put it on again 😂I just played it safe and wore black. I wish I had this advice earlier but I’m here now so thank you!

  • This is the best advice for anyone who is starting out in the goth scene. I needed to hear this so badly.

  • Girl I live in Georgia and like I love little five points

  • 💙🦇💙 VIRGIN 💙🦇💙

  • Hi I am new to the subculture and trying to learn all I can. Thanks for your information! I live in China and i don't know any goths 😢 I have been buying some clothes and accessories online from Chinese stores. I am almost 50, came to goth late 😅 I've found SO much great music! I particularly like darkwave and coldwave, but with very prominent gothic guitar sounds. I can't really say i enjoy Bauhaus but The SoM are great. Some The Cure stuff too. Still, I like newer stuff tbh. I can't find much fashion advice for guys on YouTube, so I'm just trying some stuff out. I get stared at but that's not new, just a new reason!

  • Nice vid. Subscribed! 🖤💜🖤

  • So what got you into goth ?

  • Great video thanks 😊

  • Wear whatever symbols you want people! Symbols only have meaning when you give it meaning or when a group gives it a meaning… Yes it great to research what you wear, but in the end if you think it looks cool wear it! Trends start by people doing things and sometimes people dot hem bc it means something to them and sometimes they do it just bc they like how it looks…

  • I had some adults asked me are you too old for being goth I told them there is no such thing as being too old for goth because it's true

  • Oh yes I forgot I've been Gothic since 1996 and I'm 32 years old gothicism to me feels like home keep rocking my friend you look Alsome🤘

  • You're right Hot Topic used to be hardcore Hot Topic came out in 1989 when I was born do you still have the pipe when you go inside the store with a smoke fog machine they used to have everything now is like what happened I go to Spencer's because I got my plugs there because I'm 5/8 16 mm because I have stretched ears they have a lot of chokers and a lot of Spike bracelets I got a lot of them I even have the one with the skeleton I have a chokers that have O-rings beautiful a Gothic Band I really want to see is Lord of the Lost

  • Ok I considered myself a goth in the early 90s . In those days it wasn't all black clothing Souxie Sue , Robert Smith ,and Peter Murphy wore a mixture of colours . Now buying clothes is mostly an on line experience but one should try the thrift stores and don't be scared to change clothes with black dye scissors pins and be unique .
    Add jewellery in an unusual way . Never be put down by the fashionable posers with loads of money .
    Goth is not about being fashionable , Its about enjoying the music and your own identity

  • I'm a feminine gay black goth guy.. I've been goth for 12 years. I'm also a metalhead. I've been a metalhead for 12 years to.

    Some of my favorite goth bands are:

    She Past Away
    Sisters Of Mercy
    Shadow Age

  • Good video, I would agree to most of it. I'm not really familiar with Hot-Topic, as I'm from Germany, but I think the Gothic brand clothes shops are highly overrated and offplace. I really like the start of your video, in which you say "do your research". Most of the points you talk about later should be clear, if you do your research. If you don't know if you can be goth if you don't shave off your eyebrows, you obviously have no idea what this is about.
    When you showed your different hair styles, I really liked your blonde style. It was so clear and simple, but a classic destinctive Goth look. Liked that most. 🙂

  • Great video!

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