Lilith Red

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  • Sometimes it's funny what is called gothic metal. Evanescence definitely doesn't fit this list. Not everything that is dark or gloomy deserves the name gothic.

  • Most of this list seems to be pop gothic

  • As someone with very limited knowledge I am a bit irritated by your choices. In my mind the term Gothic Metal to me always was something very dark, broken hope stuff. Theatre of Tragedy with Liv Kristines voice did this quite good (I have no idea why you chose a part without her voice). If I had to compare Livs voice to the Nightwish singers, then Tarja is the Opera queen, Floor the siren, and Liv the succubus. That´s probably why a friend of mine took a rope to their music.
    So judging from what I listen to in this video #8 sounds more like industrial metal. At least I read the to term a long time ago, describing some kind of metal+electronic crossover. Again almost nothing of a knowledge by me.
    #1 I never heard of them. If it had to be something german at all costs then I would have chosen Wolfsheim instead of this, sadly Wolfsheim weren´t metal at all, if I remember correctly.

  • All hale the TRUE QUEEN of Nightwish and of Symphonic Gothic Metal!!!!, the very beautiful TARJA!!!!!😊

  • Exist other more good songs…

  • Might need to update the list.
    Lilith be gone by Blackbriar.
    Or Walking over my grave by

  • great german is OK plus :-))))

  • yes interessant German Nr.1 ,
    kenne nicht so viel von dieser Gruppe , hat was .

  • Difficult to pick 10 best songs even from the groups you picked . All great groups but there are so many other ones not included . Thanks for your choices

  • Great job

  • Me dejaron en visto a After Forever 😔

  • Super compilation !!!!!🤘🔥🤘🦇💖

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