Top 10: Goth Bands of the 1980's

 Top 10: Goth Bands of the 1980's

Top 10 Goth Bands of the 1990’s: Top 10 Goth Bands of the 2000’s: …


Cadaver Kelly

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  • 12 Dislikes are all from Andrew Eldritch since you called him goth

  • I like your list but I would include the smiths

  • My father, who wasnt goth at all, had Clan of Xymox in his collection and the self-titled album catapulted my interest in the goth/post-punk world.

  • 1. The Sisters Of Mercy, 2. Joy Division. 3. The Mission. 4. The Cure. 5. Jesus and Mary Chain. 6. Siouxie and the banshess. 7. Ministry. 8. Fields of The Nephilim. 9. Clan of Xymox, 10. Christian death.


  • Pink Turns Blue Your Master Is Calling 1985. Incredible song.

  • You notice all of them were English not surprising.

  • Xmal deutschland best on list

  • I painted all these 80s goth stars eating Tacos. Follow @ PeopleEatingTacos on IG

  • I absolutely LOVE that the movie The Hunger (an 80's alternative vampire flick with David Bowie and Catherine Deneveux (probably spelled that wrong)), has Bauhaus playing Bela Lugosi's Dead in the intro scene. Not kidding! Opening scene is in a club with Bauhaus and Peter Murphy is in a cage singing the song. Absolutely beautiful.

  • Good choice Lady Cadaver Kelly I’m stocked add a Spanish Post Punk as Your list Goth Bands of the 90s I like foreign languages one is Spanish even though I’m Mexican American ancestry .
    But hey that’s good start.

  • I have the bauhaus record what's the worthprice? Mint feedback is respected

  • Love this I grew up with these and the nineties I'm an elder goth! CLAN OF XYMOX!!!!!!!!!!

  • here is my top ten
    sisers of mercy
    fields of the nephilim
    red lorry yellow lorry
    the cult
    the march violets
    rose of avalanche
    uk decay
    play dead
    alien sex feind

  • The Chameleons aren't quite goth but they're a great band of that era often mentioned as being goth adjacent.

  • I was a teenager in the 80s, The Cult, The Sisters of Mercy, The Mission, Fields Of Nephilim,All About Eve,

  • As someone who was around in the 80's the distinction between subgenres and even genres themselves weren't as rigid. Clubs that catered to "goths" would play goth rock, early industrial (like Dig It by Skinny Puppy and Over the Shoulder by Ministry), darker synthpop like Depeche Mode or Modern English, New Order. etc. Even the fashion overlapped really. I was mainly into hardcore (like Minor Threat) but my friends and I were Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus and The Cure fans. At the time, all of these bands were a vast alternative to popular music and mainstream radio.

    Another example is The Misfits although a hardcore-horror-punk band all the goths I knew loved them.

    PS: You also left Alien Sex Fiend!

  • Of course Clan of Xymox is #1! <3 Hands down, favorite

  • Hey doll! Great list! Oh, and great call with 45 Grave! I wouldn't have expected someone your age to be turned on to them. So, fun fact for you. The current drummer for Gitane was the first drummer for MY band that was active between 1994 and 1998. I hung out at Rozz's house for awhile in 1994, but it wasn't really the kind of place that people who were really there are happy to say, "OH! YEAH! I hung out at Rozz Williams house in 1994!" If you get my drift. Anyway, I make music content, and I am uploading a "most popular songs from the first wave of goth" vid. I was looking around and making sure I hadn't forgotten something obvious and came across your vid. Loved it, especially bc of your age. I'll give you a shout out. Good luck and take care!

  • Great List! I'd honorable mention to Alien Sex Fiend. I LOVE Xymox! I've only seen a few of your videos so far so I don't know if you've mentioned Fields Of The Nephilim, their self titled album might be my favorite goth album, but they have always been a bit hasher then most goth bands.

  • coughs Alien Sex Fiend e-kaff!

  • Should I drink coffee watching gothic video?

  • Hard agree with Clan of Xymox. COX is my all time favorite band hands down. Wonderful 💜

  • I love this series so much. You have introduced me to so many bands I’ve never listened to and now I LOVE them!! ❤️❤️

  • I liked your video until 03:45. The came the big surprise: Parálisis Permanente! Someone outside Spain knows them! In year 2019! 🙂
    Thanks, Kelly. You really made my day.

  • What about early Skinny Puppy?

  • How can you leave Type O Negative off of your list? I absolutely love them?

  • Good picks! My favs not included are Dance Society and Early Cocteau Twins (really just the first album is goth).

  • Kinó is Post Punk?

  • Just found your channel and I have no regrets 🖤🤘🏻

  • like your purple curtin…..

  • SISTERS OF MERCY !!!! Floodland is amazing

  • Another great video and great choices thanks 😀❤️❤️

  • 4 from Leeds actually.

  • 46 year old goth from New Orleans

    I've searched for many years to find a bridge to the new goth era

    You young lady are that bridge

    You are approachable about modern goth music in all of its various vicissitudes yet you don't come off as snobbish turn Undead Relic like myself

    Siouxsie's my favorite too 2 although I would have had to go with Tinder Box or kaleidoscope

    Give me slight case of overbombing and third a coin toss over position for third to either Japanese Whispers or any Joy Division album

    There you have musically… Me

    For years I swore up and down that I would not listen to anything new that all the new stuff is garbage I said over and over with nothing to turn to in modern times except for effervescence or avenging Sevenfold both of which I highly detest

    But you my dear have suggested such Beauties as drab Majesty who am I very much of my own dear Depeche Mode

    Black marble and holygram we're enjoyed too

    From this I researched what I could and ended up on a recent diet of minimalist darkwave and synthwave


    And I blame this all on you madam for it was your light into the present which gave me the first fresh Taste of goth

    And what do you know from a fellow Siouxsie fan

    Would love a letter from you if you ever have the time.

    I'm asking you Louie, from you're Lastat… to be my lifeline into the light

    Ciao, bella

  • Nice to see Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry, March Violets, and Play Dead (from your proto goth list) get mentioned. You might find Wasted Youth (English version) interesting. Try "Housewife" from 1981, if you're curious.

  • great bands…

  • Can you please share your star sign with us? You're lovely.

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