Top 10: Goth Bands of the 1990's

CORRECTION: Although Monica Richards is originally from Washington, D.C., Faith and the Muse is an L.A. band Top 10 Goth Bands of the 2000’s: …


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  1. Damn this is a really hard one for me as I was lucky to run and manage a club, zine, booking agent etc. so I got to meet many bands in the 90's. All your lists are 100% badass but I can't pick and choose as I equally love them all even some of the crappy ones no offense. I'll just say I was so goth I shit bats. lol kidding. Great fun video! Actually Rosetta Stone and The Wake might be my favorite 90's goth band. I actually got those 2 bands first promo CDs from Cleopatra and the rest is history. A++++

  2. This is your pref and that's awesome, so not meaning to disagree at all. Just wanted to say that, interesting to me, in clubs in the US ~95 to 99 almost none of these were big on the play lists / crowd favorites. I wonder what that says after all this time! I have no contact with the modern goth world, but was a die hard scene kid in the 90s. I miss it!

  3. Invaluable resource for nowadays it's not like I can go read a bunch of reviews and find comps easier. Btw corpus delicti is my favorite for sure jus too good and too goth lol. Thanks Kelly

  4. Oh I love this!! I’ve been into goth since I was a kid, and although the music was my first taste of goth, until recently with Spotify becoming so accessible, I’ve had a hard time discovering bands and getting to enjoy the music as much as I like. Not to mention the scene in my local areas isn’t exactly very… deathly… so I haven’t had much chance to get involved with live music. Super happy you’ve been doing series. Makes me feel like I can learn and not feel like I’m being judged or excluded for my being “goth enough”. 🖤

  5. I'm loving your channel. It's good to discover some new (old) bands. Nosferatu are by far one of my favourite ever bands and it was good to see Rosetta Stone in there too. There were a few I haven't heard of, so I'm going to give them a listen and expand my musical knowledge. Keep up the good work 🕷🕸

  6. Faith &the Muse is ranked too low. No Switchblade Symphony? Perhaps you can do a fetish goth rock video (or have you?) then you can include Athamay; The Nuns; Dead Souls Rising, etc. It will get younger people more aware of them. Of course, not all these songs are good but some of them are damn great

  7. Thanks for including the album Tourniquets by Children on Stun, however Grooving In Green are a split from COS. They feature members from Nephilim , original Children on Stun and Solemn Novena. Are current and are writing their 4th album, last year our 3rd album was released along with two singles. We are getting ready to tour and writing at the moment. Feel free to check us out 🙂

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