Top 10: Goth Bands of the 2000's

 Top 10: Goth Bands of the 2000's

**CORRECTION*** – Cinema Strange is from Southern California. Montreal, QC is where they played their first music festival.

—Top 10 Goth Bands of the 2010’s:

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  • A Goth that listen to actual goth music what a concept jajaja.


  • Hi Kelly! ^_^ Do you like The Eden House?

  • No Coal Chamber or Kittie?

  • Thank you so much! My taste is 2000s rock bands, And I'm trying to get into goth.

    One question, I'm a catholic Christian irl, is there any of these that are anti Christian? (I personally dont listen to anti Christian music)

  • Los Carniceros del Norte is one of my favorite bands of all time. I Remember they were one of the first goth bands I started listening too as, and I have to admit, I got into this whole "Dark alternative rock" thing because of horror punk xD But I quickly realized that Blitzkid sucks and Deathrock, Post Punk and Goth Rock really satisfiy my need for darkly inclined music. As for typical punk now I'm morw into Hardcore.

  • Im done i didn't even watch it cause all you doing is taking

  • Nobody gives a fuck stop talking and show the damn video.UGHHHHH

  • A video on YouTube and the person all they do is talk and again and just show the video for God sake have a great day

  • Macbeth is a Gothic Rock band that flourished in the 2000s ( they are now Gothic Metal). I don't like the 80' s sound as much. I like the stuff form the last 90's and early 2000's. Do you know any thing the sounds like Switchblade Symphony? Also where I am from ( Seattle, Washington area) we went to hight school in the mountains/farm lands and I DK how it was in the City but goth lingered till 2008 then got picked up by the pop subcultures so we had to up our looks a tad. There were Emos in my school too. They were cool to chill with as well.

  • Sorora Dolorosa, sounds like a delicious whiskey drink. A step in the right direction to evaluate your mode.

  • Thank you so much for this, I'm having a hard time figuring myself out right now. I always believed I was goth since middle school, but never really understood how to be a goth .

  • I know they're goth friendly but jack of jill and scarring were some of my favorite bands they got me to delve deeper into the goth sub genre as a baby bat xD

  • The Cemetary Girlz just released a new single this year 🙂

  • Hey I was writing about Hester Pulter being a Medieval goth queen and needed an interesting hook, you're video helped a lot! Thanks from uni!

  • Weak list

  • HM
    Los Carniceros Del Norte

    -Tragic Black
    -The Cemetary GirlZ
    -Scarlet's Remains
    -Arts of Erebus
    -Turn Pale
    -Bloody Dead and Sexy
    -Soror Dolorosa
    -Diva Destruction
    -Cinema Strange
    -Plastique Noir

    A pretty solid list overall.

  • i also love the cematary girlz

  • i love tragic black

  • i live in indiana, so hearing " from Bloomington, Indiana" was like being hit with a brick lmao

  • I could watch these all day thanks alot! I have a question though if you don't mind, what's the difference between a revival goth rock band and a regular goth rock band?

  • 😍😍😍👌👌👌

  • Damn , hit me hard with Nostalgia ! Cinema,tragic black,Scarlet remains and a mention of Carniceros del Norte!🖤🖤🖤

  • I enjoy your videos so much, you are amazing!

  • Wow, now I feel ignorant because I always say there isn't much relevant goth music from the 2000s… because of your video I know five new bands from that time now – thanks for ending my ignorance! 🙂

    I got into the subculture in the 2000s, too, but had a very wrong idea of what goth is. I listened a lot to Evanescence, HIM, Nightwish etc. and a little bit to 80s goth. To be honest: In the 2000s the only band from your list that I heard of was Bloody Dead And Sexy. I only knew them because they're from Germany just like me and were covered in a German "goth" music magazine.
    Those magazines ("Orkus", "Sonic Seducer", "Zillo") were the sources where we German babybats used to learn about the subculture. But because it was a slow decade for goth those magazines focused more on Gothic Metal, EBM, Aggrotech, Industrial and medieval music. I think these magazines planted a lot of misconceptions about goth in people's heads. I remember that I tried to like Aggrotech for my goth creds which says a lot. Did you make similar experiences in the US in the 2000s? Did you have music magazines like these, too?

  • Diva destruction and plastique noir 🖤

  • Im trying to find some goth bands to listen to

  • interesting do I care no

  • Idk if it counts as a Gothic thingy but there Is a band called nightclub and there music is really good and also a band called the birthday massacre

  • Girl…everything about MySpace was better!! Like u said u could add bands & talk to them! Making those pages our own was AMAAAZING!! I miss that!! The music and Pics we could add ughh 😞😢😢😢 love ur YouTube! 👍💜🖤🤟🤟

  • Can you do ethereal wave and darkwave?

  • Isn't Cinema Strange from LA? I m from Montreal and I never heard their name at all. Granted I'm mainly a metalhead, I found a great interest in goth subculture very recently. Love your channel! Videos like these are very helpful for ones like me who want to know more about the subculture/music/etc.


  • My friend on Myspace cradle of filth

  • Did you know Anthony from Radio Scarlet (Denver, CO, deathrock band) is in Christina Aguilera's video for 'Beautiful'? I'm friends with them and help out at their goth club night which one of the Tragic Black members attents now that he's in the area. Crazy world.

  • No Rome Burns? Bah! 😉

  • interesting to hear the list, but my favorite Goth/ Darkwave band from the 2000s is Blutengel

  • Do some 1980s goth coldwave bands like sigloxx . Virgin prunes the birthday party etc

  • Thank you for this, I'm not very good at listening to anything past 2004 haha. Lots of new bands to discover ❤

  • Cinema Strange did at least two self-published full-length albums and one EP on the old MP3-dot-com site (I have them), before the self-titled release in 2000; that record is mostly re-recordings of selections from previous releases.

  • Ah Diva Destruction has good stuff <3 <3 <3 I haven't checked out the others just yet, but I'll try to add them on my spotify to give them a listen.

  • Great list!

  • Glad to see Plastique Noir on the list, it's good to see them receiving international recognition. I live near them, so I watched many of their shows, They're planning to release new stuff later this year. Your channel is very good, greets from Brazil.

  • I’m pretty disappointed not to see the birthday massacre on there, but it’s a great list none the less. Plus now I have a few new bands to check out!

  • Thank you so much! I love learning about new bands!

  • Cool. And I agree about it feeling like slim pickings in the 2000s. I was concerned about the real life scene around 2002 – 2005… idk exactly when but I remember being concerned that the subculture was waning in the quality of music and the quantity of real of goths. But I quite enjoyed bands like The Vanishing from San Francisco.

  • I remember Myspace Whore Trains lol I was always trying to get added onto them. Back then I was getting into the Goth clothing style, but I hadn't gotten into Goth music yet.
    Also, this is the first time I've heard of these bands and I am LOVING Arts of Erebus.

  • Bloody Dead and Sexy 💜💜💜

  • I think this video made me realise how many bands from the 00s I like, especially Diva Destruction who are one of my favourite goth bands.

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