Top 10: Goth Bands of the 2010's

 Top 10: Goth Bands of the 2010's

Top 10 Goth Bands of the 2000’s: …


Cadaver Kelly

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  • What's the music playing in the background! I need it!

  • I would inspire you to listen to Bleib Modern if you don't already have done this.

  • Such a prolific decade for the genre, my second favorite after the '80s!
    I would add Ritual Howls, Beastmilk/Grave Pleasures, Night Sins, Double Echo, Horror Vacui.
    Thanks for your channel, Kelly. Greetings from cold Russia;)

  • You mentioned Lebonan Hanover!!!

  • A really good post punk band is the grave pleasures

  • Pretty ghoul list

  • Any Burning skies of elysium fans?

  • Drab Majesty are awesome. That is all.

  • 5:30 Definitely!!! They always gave me hints of Deux 🖤🏴‍☠️💖

  • Just by the way I have this exact same dress your wearing in this video in my closet rn

  • Can't like your video because it's at 666 likes. Sad.

  • Check out the Bauhaus parody

  • I've watched all four decades and I know there your preferences but to leave off switchblade symphony, black tape for blue girl, the cruxshadows, bella morte, London after midnight, collide, razed in black these bands moved goth so much forward, from lords of the new church, new model army, killing joke, it's cool to pull on the lesser known bands which you did a good job, but without those heavy hitters the scene would have died, the moment new order released blue Monday, depeche mode released policy of truth, or the cure just like heaven, I love goth and punk but I would leave the clash or Ramones out because the lead scene to popularity

  • You've blessed my ears 😵😵😵😍😍😍

  • Angels of Liberty was an awesome band. Their last album, "Servant of the Veil", was sooooo GOOD. I love using their tunes in my mixes. It's too bad they are no longer around.

  • As someone who has always been a fan of the darker side of things, I have only recently been digging into the music of the subculture. So these videos are great! Do any of you have playlists? Post them. I want to consume all of the darkness.

  • The bassist/vocalist & keyboardist in Virgin in Veils are in Masquerade now, the keyboardist Suzi is the singer.
    Lebanon Hanover is one of my all time favorite bands. Just stunning. They have a new album out at the minute.

  • HM (goth-adjacent acts)
    -Neon Tzigane
    -Drab Majesty

    -Merciful Nuns
    -Virgin in Veil
    -She Past Away
    -Christ vs. Warhol
    -Living Temples
    -Lebanon Hanover
    -Nox Novacula
    -Cruz De Navajas
    -Angels of Liberty

  • Speaking as a grandad whom wasn’t a Goth by loved killing joke , the cure , this moral coil , Cocteau twins , xymox and The Mission , “ Christ vs Warhol “ LOOK like a Gothband should look like here in the future. Are Trees of Eternity a Goth band ? Beautiful anyway. I know many believe “ Bela Lagusis’ Dead “ is ‘ the first ‘ Goth song but although the band weren’t shrouded in black , Van Der Graff Generators’ “ White Hammer “ from 10. Years before that ( 1969 ) is to my ears pretty Gothic if not Goth Rock. Considering this was only 2 years after the “ summer of love “ it’s. very cool. How about ‘ MGT ‘ ? Handsome young fella sings with old guy whom played guitar for The Mission. Thanks for enlightening this old bloke 🏴😇❤️from Wilverley Enclosure Witches in Wessex

  • Does any one know the gothic band having a song name "Vampires"?

  • Lebanon Hanover are dark-wave according to Wiki

  • I'm a bit late, but Twin Tribes is one of my personal favorites from the 2010s AND they're Texas boys like myself, but this is still a really great list! Angels of Liberty is fuckin wicked. 🤘🖤

  • Drab majesty!!!!!

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