After a year or so hiatus I’m back on YouTube! I hope some of you missed me.

Here’s a top 10 of what I think are the “best” goth/post-punk guitar riffs. It was SO hard to narrow down to just 10 riffs. I think the riffs I chose represent the diversity of sound in the genre well. All of these riffs are from the 1980’s.
Let me know down below if you agree with my list or if you have a different top 10. How was my playing?

I featured my newest guitar in this video – one that I haven’t used on my channel before.

And check out my channel for tons of goth/post-punk covers!

*Note: These riffs are in a random order. Riff #1 doesn’t mean that it’s the “best” and vice-versa.

NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. The music and images used are purely for purposes of criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. I do not own any of the studio music or images used.


20 thoughts on “TOP 10 GOTH/POST PUNK RIFFS ☥”

  1. Hey, I just discovered your channel and let me tell you that you're amazing doing what you do. You're so fucking talented and the way you play is absolutely pretty fine. Never stop to upload videos, dude

  2. The guitar riff from "Snake Dance" by the March Violets gets me every. SINGLE. TIME. It's just that good in my opinion, makes me want to dance even though I don't dance lol. "The Forest" is also a classic one as well. I dunno, there are so many awesome Goth guitar riffs that it's hard to decide which one I like over the other and the list would be constantly changing. One that I would personally include is a more recent one with the song "The Fall" by Autumn, the driving guitar riff in that song totally hits me like a rock lol.Anyway awesome video, you're guitar playing is amazing. 🙂

  3. Fantastic stuff. Dark Entries still makes the hairs on my neck stand. So simple but perfect. When that open e kicks in… perfect.
    Is that the right Sisters pick though? Wayne might be a little peed off it being his 2nd Sisters riff ;o)

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