Top 10 songs Gothic Rock, Industrial Metal, EBM, NDH and Futurepop

Top 10 de musica oscura Gothic Rock, Industrial Metal, EBM, NDH and Futurepop.


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  1. Never heard of any of this junk… No offence. I grew up with Joy Division, Siouxsie, Sisters, Nephilim as well as stuff like Front 242 and The Cult. Most of the tracks in this video are what I'd call 'Scream-o'. But hey, you like what you like and that's what's important.

  2. i love this music. it's the best music I've ever heard. i love to jack off to this music and cum blood on my toilet and not clean it and then invite guests over to my nearly immaculate home but then when they go to use the bathroom, they find nothing but cum/blood covered horror… just like my taste in music… gothic rock industrial metal.

  3. Goth is a broad term that applies to many subgenres of rock music, namely rock and electronic music with a dark aesthetic. It is not its own genre. Though I think it is important to point out that the term goth rock is rooted in the post-punk movement of the early 80's. As for Industrial Metal not rooted in rock? I guess metal is not rooted in rock.

  4. Not Goth. Marilyn Manson's genre's best described as Shock Rock, he looks "Goth" but only posers thing he's actually Goth. The songs he sings are in no way Goth. Rammstein on the other hand is Industrial Metal. A different other kind of music which has not originated from Rock. Nice choice though I love Rammstein and Marilyn Manson's music style is neat.

  5. go to the "gothic rock" wikipedia page foir info, then check out the two slinter genres, deathrock (which adds a but more punk into it), and dark wave (a combination of new wave and gothic rock, which translates into gothic rock songs, with heavy synth and effects.)

  6. goth music is NOT metal oriented at all, back a few years ago goth had morphed into club music, but still some groups stuck to goth rock, punk rooted music, but it says industrial metal, which is heavey machine based technology sounds with dark overtones. but goth=goth rock, dark wave, glam , industrial, aggrotech, it does not have any thing to do with REAL metal.