Top 10 songs Gothic Rock, Industrial Metal, EBM, NDH and Futurepop

Top 10 de musica oscura Gothic Rock, Industrial Metal, EBM, NDH and Futurepop.




  • Never heard of any of this junk… No offence. I grew up with Joy Division, Siouxsie, Sisters, Nephilim as well as stuff like Front 242 and The Cult. Most of the tracks in this video are what I'd call 'Scream-o'. But hey, you like what you like and that's what's important.

  • my bueno, esta lista me introdujo a varias bandas hace 5 años

  • i love this music. it's the best music I've ever heard. i love to jack off to this music and cum blood on my toilet and not clean it and then invite guests over to my nearly immaculate home but then when they go to use the bathroom, they find nothing but cum/blood covered horror… just like my taste in music… gothic rock industrial metal.

  • oomph! ist einfach mega

  • y el mejor de todos   hocico

  • gerade wenns Richtung Nr 1 geht, wirds immer banaler.

  • qe chida lista

  • 100% banale scheisse

  • This list sucks big time

  • Para musica que se acerque a Sopor Aeternus solo algunas canciones de Cinema Strange…Saludos!

  • This music blows chunks. Melodic Death Metal is where its at.

  • Ni una sola canción es de rock gótico

  • Decent list with some really good songs but far from definitive.

  • Its a big test to do such a list without hitting at least one really great song but, congratulations, you did it.

  • lol people hatin on the video cause it was more than one genre…

  • Wheres type o negative?

  • Muy decepcionante, con clan of xymox y LAM. Ibas bien. Que pena que estas generaciones no sepan que es gothic rock

  • obio que oomph deveria estar en primer lugar ya que es el creador del NDH

  • When I think goth I think Bauhaus and Joy Division. When think Industrial Metal I think NIN (sometimes) or Ministry. None of that is in here. So not my cup of tea. Actually I don't even drink tea.

  • bandas muito phodas otima escolha, cool !

  • boas escolhas

  • Gothic Rock, Industrial Metal, EBM, NDH and Futurepop
    how ever they are related. I should make a Disco, wave, and Rap compilation

  • Goth is a broad term that applies to many subgenres of rock music, namely rock and electronic music with a dark aesthetic. It is not its own genre. Though I think it is important to point out that the term goth rock is rooted in the post-punk movement of the early 80's. As for Industrial Metal not rooted in rock? I guess metal is not rooted in rock.

  • wo ischn da der futurepop und muss ma wirklich unheillig supporten?! naja egal -.-

  • Not Goth. Marilyn Manson's genre's best described as Shock Rock, he looks "Goth" but only posers thing he's actually Goth. The songs he sings are in no way Goth. Rammstein on the other hand is Industrial Metal. A different other kind of music which has not originated from Rock. Nice choice though I love Rammstein and Marilyn Manson's music style is neat.

  • Rammstein and marilyn manson ???

  • This is all synthrock- not that that's a problem, but it sounds like the 90's beat the shit out of the 80's. if you want some good synthrock, listen to the birthday massacre.

  • And where is Bauhaus? They started all of this

  • Cause number five isn't a total Marilyn Manson rip off or anything.

  • Besides a couple of songs, I think alot of the songs were pretty good, maybe not top 10, but top 10 for the uploader.

  • go to the "gothic rock" wikipedia page foir info, then check out the two slinter genres, deathrock (which adds a but more punk into it), and dark wave (a combination of new wave and gothic rock, which translates into gothic rock songs, with heavy synth and effects.)

  • Not to disrespect the Genre, for I am not familiar with it (I'm actually a metal head :p ), but shouldn't some of this be considered Gothic Techno?

  • goth music is NOT metal oriented at all, back a few years ago goth had morphed into club music, but still some groups stuck to goth rock, punk rooted music, but it says industrial metal, which is heavey machine based technology sounds with dark overtones. but goth=goth rock, dark wave, glam , industrial, aggrotech, it does not have any thing to do with REAL metal.

  • Speechless……

  • #3 is really good!

  • TBM is a good band, but they are not goth, nor are industrial. Try Synthrock same as bands like Velcra, Celldweller, Blue Stahli, Vanity Beach, etc.

  • Hmmm… I think Type O deserves a spot in there somewhere, al least before peter steele's brain was burned out. But maybe i'm just getting old.

  • Anyone else confusing the thumbnail of this video showing Jamine and Rose with Lol Tolhurst and Robert Smith?

  • Great channel stop by and give me a listen you may dig it..

  • @TeachMetheUnknown YES :]


  • I really enjoyed this video. Great choice of songs, thanks! 🙂

  • Gothic rock never die.

  • LONDON AFTER MIDNINGHT!!! TOO RIGHT! how come their not a huge band!!?

  • opium and poison jasmine and rose…….

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