Top 10 – The best gothic metal ballads

 Top 10 – The best gothic metal ballads

The 10 greateast ballads of goth metal. The sins of thy beloved, Sirenia… Until the dark, save me from myself.



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  • – A distance there is : Theatre of tragedy
    – Sleeping sun/ white night fantasy: Nightwish
    – Epica: Run for fall

  • I wonder why people can't understand Nightwish and Epica are not gothic, they never were gothic and never will be gothic. They are Power/Symphonic metal.
    Theatre of Tragedy should be in first place.

  • Cure is the best one! xD

  • Tristania has better ballads to offer, and they are: December Elegy, Deadlocked, Deadlands, Selling Out & Ab Initio

  • Savatage put out the first Symphonic metal album in 1989. X-Japan put out there full on Symphonic metal album in 1993. Dimmu Borgir put out there first album in 1994. You also have Therion that put out there first Symphonic album in 1993. Waltari's album Yeah! Yeah! Die! Die! Death Metal Symphony in Deep C. They gave raise to Symphonic Metal it came from Power, Prog, Black, and yes even a Death metal. Nightwish was not and never will be the first Symphonic metal band.

  • As for what I know yeah Savatage pre-dates all symphonic metal bands with Gutter Ballet which came out in 1989.

  • Symphonic black metal Emperor and Dimmu Borgir both came out in the early 90's.

  • ok, now you're just stupid…omg you are…ahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa, I don't belive it….you're full of shit, LEARN SOMETHING AND THEN GO SHIT AROUND LIKE I DO…black metal had a bigger hand…damn…I still can't belive what did you just say…O.o

  • oh, and one more thing…Symphonic metal wasn't born from Power metal…ok, maybe it got the keyboard from Power metal, but if you listen closely, you'll notice that SYMPHONIC singin', and HEVY METAL singin' (from wich power metal was created) are two opposite things wich you can't mix…second…guitar in Power metal is for most of the time the main instrument unlike Smphc metal where it's not that included…and the other stuff…omg…

  • first of all, NW is melodic metal with female voice (as Tuomas declaired it), and is also symphonic gothic metal, they were the first of that genre, and they have nothing to do with power metal…Toumases vision was to create a "camp fire" band (acoustic guitar and female voice), to sing tales and stories, and that's how they started, so their first demo album "Nightwish" was a product of that, and than they introduced with the second album so called melodic metal with female voice.LEARN DAMNIT

  • How I love Tuomas's lyrics <3

  • How bout Fields of the Nephilim?

  • 6)Theatre Of Tragedy-Cassandra
    4)Tristania-Destination Departure
    3)After Forever-Beyond Me
    2)Within Temptation-Restless

  • @KAIJATHOUGHTtm Have you ever hear any thing that was done by power and and prog metal bands. It did not come from gothic metal. It came from power and prog metal black metal had a bigger hand in symphonic metal then gothic or death metal did.

  • @CaioJesusSoneca That does not mean they are gothic if there is a dark mood. Reason being is we have melodic death metal. Many of those bands there have a dark mood in them it does not make it gothic. Black metal is all about being dark again not gothic. Power metal can even have a dark mood in it when need and but does not make it gothic.

  • @Epica124 I agree totally with you! =D
    but as i said in my previous comment, some musics have such dark mood and atmosphere; really they are few, but they exist, and should not be tottaly disconsidered in these genre classifications which we listeners and fans make about our beloved bands
    And thanks for being calm and polite in your answer! since here in youtube people are lacking these in their comments…
    =) glad to have a nice talk with you, not a stupid discussion fight like with other users

  • You've put here all of my favourite gothic ballads!!!! Amazing vid, amazing bands!!!!
    This is certainly called 'Music', meaning REAL Music!!!!!

  • @CaioJesusSoneca Gothic metal is about a dark mood and sound. After Forever was not adding in a dark mood nor is Epica. Nightwish is also not adding in a dark mood. Also in gothic metal the keyboards are used for Atmosphere. AF, Epica, Nightwish, WT are using it to give them the sound of a Symphony. In other words it is a film sorce. Listen to Half the Prog and Power Metal bands. Thats where the sound and idea came from.

  • @Epica124 It solely depends on your interpretation.
    maybe, actually, surelly these bands do't have in their whole geral proposal the gothic metal characteristics, but surely some songs can totally "have lots of things to do" with gothic metal; includiing first of all it's reflexive introspective nature as well as it's lyrics.
    don't classify bands as they themselves don't classify themselves.
    and if you will, don't generalize it, classify the musics instead and it may make any sense.
    my opinion.

  • great selection…

  • @Epica124 thanks for if it were not enough, people think that every band with a woman singing is gothic metal and sadly,newbies above all (which is not addressed to ladypudrete) don't even know what the real, good, old (doom) gothic metal was and, partly, still is nowadays thanks to a bunch of bands. but i swear i never understood what gothicness do people find in nightwish, epica, within t. after the 1st album and so on.even the first album by After f.had very few gothic metal in it

  • destination departure deberia ser la #1

  • Hello, how on earth did you make the subtitles flash in time with the lyrics? what editing software did you use to make this video?

  • @Epica124 Symphonic metal was born from Dream Theater? Hahaha keep dreaming.

  • Epica, Nightwish, and After Foerver have nothing to do with Gothic Metal. There sound are Symphonic metal. Epica and AF go for a prog sound and NW goes for a power metal sound. Symphonic metal was born from Power and Prog metal. Dream Theater, Royal Hunt, Savatage? Any one? Where do you think the genre got it keyboard sound from? It was not gothic metal. It came from Power and Prog metal.

  • @anubseranyan lol thats not a metal

  • @anubseranyan lol

  • Gothic metal ballads are beautifull and magical. Peace and love to all. May the night embrace you. Love… Archangel…


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