Top 20 Female Gothic Bands

My top 20 with best ‘gothic’ metal bands with female singers, I didn’t add Within Temptation, Nightwish, Epica etc in the video.


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  1. just metal band, only theatre have some album gothic, but with liv Kristin only, with aegis, and musica. all others are Metal band.
    Don't give wrong style name at the group please !

  2. Demist group from Belgrade city, Serbia state 🇷🇸 bether on 15northEurope band, internet for surfing if dont know, lisent Demist band Europe Evanensce,ay put two song on Facebook, people like in group on 200likes,all femele band from Belgrade city, Serbia state 🇷🇸 Nemezis on this festival Exit fantastik band lok Arh Anemy and Nemezis band girls pley before Sabaton 🇸🇪,dont fer ay love Xandria 🇩🇪,Vision on Atlantis 🇮🇹love this group,ay on internet surfing fantastik all femele band,whay and hu put border whay gotic saund,tel Nightwish song Tribal no gotic saund or Whitin Temtetation 🇳🇱 and song Mother Earth and videos,if dont nau tel mi whay pley Sister on Merci only one CD with if this vocal no gotic saund,whay on HIM ,and song Funerel of hart,sory for speling bat litle gotic if vering black dres,ay love tri group on this list hu chosen this 20forget more, perfekt CD on Beyond the Black 🇩🇪 and bytifol vocal amezing Jenifer Haben and Songs on life and death,all album perfekt CD and great songs,no fer 🌹🎶🎸please tel mi whay jast athers, OK for Xandria 🇩🇪, Vision on Atlantis 🇮🇹 forget ledi Tarja Turunen and Evanensce and great diva AmiLee,you knows shi songs, uzing surfing on internet,no more Personal Jesus meybi this song no gotic saund more on half list

  3. These bands suck period. I guess since originality has left the building everyone just tries to sound like everyone else. Boring . Definetly NOT Gothic on any level unless you call wearing black clothing Goth. Sadly the marketplace is over saturated with sound alike crappy middle of the road clones.Remember when a song would start and you knew almost immediately who the band was?? Those days are gone forever.

  4. Listen to this, surely everyone speaks English and I say this in that language. They comment pure stupid idiots of shit is Gothic Metal with female singers and obviously it will sound symphonic. You should delete the comments section so that people like you do not comment every stupidity

  5. It puzzle me to no end when people argue over what genre or sub genre this group is or that group. Do you like it? Does it actually fit in any genre? Who cares? Perhaps you like it because it's fresh, unique, innovative, genius, and follow no existing path but their own. That puts top anything lists in a quandary.

  6. These bands are not gothic. These,are poser/ fake goth bands. Plus gothic bands do not only consist of female singers. Bauhaus, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Sisters of Mercy, Alien Sex Fiend are examples of REAL gothic music. Next if your gonna label a band as gothic do some research.

  7. oh for the love of god, why is it that in EVERY gothic metal video there's an argument about evanescence? it's stupid to argue over a band that's not even part of the genre itself. evanescence fans and kids here's the deal: musically evanescence were very close to being a metal band but they just didn't pull it off entirely and anything that was heavy would be taken as metal back in 2003, even if it wasn't metal and critics realized later on that it was rock, alternative rock or nu metal-influenced rock. Visually evanescence were dark-appealing but not entirely goth, being Amy Lee the only person in the band to actually make an almost pretentious effort to be goth. that being said, I'm not trying to flame anybody but these videos are about musicians whose music derives from the mixing of Death Metal, Doom metal, Gothic Rock and sometimes even Black metal, as far as I know, you don't hear these influences in evanescence nor in nightwish, those bands are nu metal/alternative rock and symphonic power metal, respectively. Epica could  arguably be in some songs a gothic metal band but that's really farfetched musically speaking now if everyone would just cut the crap and let folks admire and/or discover new talents or form an opinion, a contextually valid opinion, on the actual video, that'd be great. cheers everyone.

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