TOP 25 Goth, Post-Punk, Synthpop & EBM Bands To Watch In 2022

 TOP 25 Goth, Post-Punk, Synthpop & EBM Bands To Watch In 2022

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TOP 25 Goth, Post-Punk, Synthpop & EBM Bands To Watch In 2022

Welcome to Gothic Bop. My name is A.Sebastian, an independent music curator based in London. I create music playlists on Youtube since 2016, including Goth, Post-Punk, Coldwave, New Beat, EBM, 80s-style, Sovietwave, Dream Pop, Shoegaze, Minimal Wave & Underground Niche.

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***WARNING: Some parts of this video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

💿 Playlist:
Nuovo Testamento – The Searcher [Italy]

Odonis Odonis – More [USA]

Cuneiform – Logic [USA]

A Projection – No Control [Sweden]

VR Sex – Dog Complex [USA]

RIKI – Marigold [USA]

Second Skin – Far Away [USA]
Electroforez – Мёртв внутри (feat. Molchat Doma) [Russia]

Zanias – Untethered [Germany]

VLURE – Shattered Faith [UK]

VVV – Odiar Frontal [Spain]

Blu Anxxiety – Internet Texxorist [USA]

Pixel Grip – Demon Chaser (feat. MONĀE) [USA]

Cashforgold x Holly Stell x Sidewalks and Skeletons – All my Tears are Fucking Black [USA]

Male Tears – Hit Me [USA]

Princess Century – Desperate Love [USA]

Boy Harsher – Machina (feat. Ms. BOAN – Mariana Saldaña) [USA]

NABTA – Playground [France]

Balvanera – Medium [Argentina]

Zachery Allan Starkey – Coked Up Biker Anthem (Mark Reeder’s Live and Let Die Remix) [USA]

MØAA – Jaw [USA]

Nox Novacula – Last Will and Testament [USA]

Camlann – 1983 [Indonesia]

Affet Robot – Çelişki [Turkey]

Prismatic Shapes – Gloomy Afternoon [Mexico]

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