Troubled Gardens – Eden Revisited (1985) Post Punk, Gothic Rock

 Troubled Gardens – Eden Revisited (1985) Post Punk, Gothic Rock

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Troubled Gardens – Eden Revisited (1985)

00:00 Voice Carryovers
04:01 Incredible Changing Dub
10:26 Silent Cry
14:23 Domination Dub
19:41 Hour Of The Sun
22:28 Spy Dub

Genres: Post Punk, Gothic Rock
Country: United States, Washington
Label: Fountain Of Youth Records


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  • Great stuff

  • I am glad you started uploading again! Very nice content

  • Just had the pleasure of listening to this beautiful shimmering EP. I am curious if the title of the track ''Silent Cry'' isn't actually ''Silent City'' as eluded to in the lyrics to the song/vocal reveals. I notice the Discogs entry has it as Silent Cry as well, if anyone could tell me for proper data entry in my library, would greatly appreciate! Thanks for the upload.

  • Silent cry, that song is full of attitude.

  • Wunderbar und Wunderschöne!

  • Really good 1st song!

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