Undead Conversations Featuring NU:N (Gothic Rock band)

Undead Conversations is a new series of freeform interviews with Goth genre musicians. This is the first episode and it was my immense joy to be able to …



  • I think Tarannis is so handsome.

  • They’re a really good band!

  • Very cool! 😎

  • I know this band from the very beginning because Tarannis was in it. It's a pure and sweet person and an excellent musician/composer. I just don't hear many gothic bands, but NU: N are excellent but unfortunately underrated.

    Congratulations for this interview, keep up the good work Skullgirdle.

  • This was a wonderful interview – I love that it was much more like a discussion between friends rather than a formal Q&A session. Francisco, Tarannis and Pedro are really sincere people and VERY talented. I just started listening to NU:N and really look forward to their performing in Germany. All of you made really excellent points about listening to good music in a variety of genres. There's much more originality and creativity in art when it has a wide variety of influences, and I loved hearing about all of the diverse music they enjoy. Thank you for introducing us to NU:N and their music!

  • awesome!!!!! i don't know this band! thanks for introducing me to something new.

  • Lovely Tarannis, always with sense of humour 🙂

  • Great interview, I'm just listening to them on band camp….. Yeah, they've a great sound. Will be purchasing!! Thanks for great work sweetie xx

  • Hi sweetie,
    This video is excellent and they come across as very funny likeable guys! 🙂

    You made some excellent points about social media and "fake" friends, that's why we dropped down to just using Twitter,

    Oh and as usual you look beautiful 🙂

    Please keep doing these, they are great 🙂

    Love you loads xxxx

  • Tyrannis making googly eyes at the camera while the other 2 are talking is a mood

  • Good job, Skullgirdle! They seem kind. 🖤🦇🦇🦇🖤

  • Great video!

  • nice, guys! and Michelle– Keep doing what you are doing! Intelligent reflections of the art within our scene

  • Great interview, really good job! Enjoyed this so much

  • They are awesome! 🙂 Francis Cole will love to see this interview! 😀 Thank you Skullgirdle.

  • My first thought was that I hope their room is ventilated because I've tried podcasting with incense going before and my throat gets real crusty real fast. lol

  • My home boys! They are wonderful!!! Thank you so much for this.

  • everything about this video makes me so, so happy!!!

  • This is awesome. ^_^

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