Undead Conversations with Jesucrisis (Deathrock Post-Punk Gothic Rock) August 26, 2019

Jesucrisis is a deathrock/post-punk/gothic rock band from the US and Chile. While he now presides in the US Vladimir Muñoz Ortega Aucaman originates from Santiago, Chile and has a long history of hardcore, deathrock, gothic rock, and other genre music composition and performance. Lisa Miles is an accomplished classical violin player who has recorded albums and collaborated with many bands using her dark, post-punk inspired riffsl. Together they are creating a fresh sound in the darker genres they both love so much.

I feel lucky to have spent a bit of time chatting with Lisa and Vladi, they are warm, kind, and unassuming. I’ve talked with Lisa on line and it is gratifying to have a visual conversation and discover that not only is she the lovely human being I know her to be but Vladi is just as sweet and kind. They talk about composition, influences, and their use of mythology in their music and the direction that Jesucrisis is going in the near future.
Am I a fan? Hell, yeah, I am and I think you will find them as engaging as I do!

Here is where you can find out all about them:



The skullgirdle Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/skullgirdle/

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  • Thanks for making the video. Greatly enjoyed it.

  • The rise of South American goth music has been amazing! I'll be sure to check out your stuff today. – Mystic

  • Will check 'em out for sure!

  • Very interesting, authentic and inspiring. Thanks people!

  • Giving them a proper listen before watching as they are new to me, look forward to to seeing another of your interviews though.

  • JESUCRISIS thanks dear Michelle for constant support, amazing boost recently… AND this video!

  • I will be checking out their music today!

  • Excellent video as always sweetie!
    They seem like a really lovely couple and a cool band we will definitely check them out 🙂

    We both agree that being in a band together and being married to each other is awesome!
    Once you've been in a band with your spouse there's no turning back! 🙂

    Keep up the fab work as the series is great and VERY important to 🙂

    Love you loads xxxx

    P.s you look beautiful and as the kids would say…

    Your makeup is "on fleek"

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