Undead Conversations with Jesucrisis (Deathrock Post-Punk Gothic Rock) August 26, 2019

Jesucrisis is a deathrock/post-punk/gothic rock band from the US and Chile. While he now presides in the US Vladimir Muñoz Ortega Aucaman originates from …

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  1. Excellent video as always sweetie!
    They seem like a really lovely couple and a cool band we will definitely check them out 🙂

    We both agree that being in a band together and being married to each other is awesome!
    Once you've been in a band with your spouse there's no turning back! 🙂

    Keep up the fab work as the series is great and VERY important to 🙂

    Love you loads xxxx

    P.s you look beautiful and as the kids would say…

    Your makeup is "on fleek"

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