Vigil – Vigil (1987) New Wave, Gothic Rock, Alternative Rock – USA

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Vigil – Vigil (1987)

00:00 Until The Seasons…
03:53 White Magic Spell
08:11 I Am Waiting
12:01 Gargoyles
16:15 I Love You Equinox
20:01 Whistle In The Yard
24:33 The Celiba Sea
29:55 The Garden
32:55 Born Again
38:07 The Benefit Of The Doubt

Genres: New Wave, Gothic Rock, Alternative Rock
Country: United States, Baltimore
Label: Chrysalis

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  • Skips too much

  • 💙

  • 1. Until The Seasons… 3:55
    2. White Magic Spell. 4:19
    3. I Am Waiting. 3:49
    4. Gargoyles. 4:15
    5. I Love You Equinox. 3:46
    6. Whistle In The Yard. 4:33
    7. The Celiba Sea. 5:23
    8. The Garden. 3:01
    9. Born Again. 5:11
    10 The Benefit Of The Doubt. 3:44

  • strong ''Stranglers'' vibes in Gargoyles…

  • Vocals remind me of Peter Murphy

  • …uno se pone a pensa en la cantidad de musica que pasa bajo nuestros radares…y da escalofrios!!! Dios quiera que vivamos cientos y cientos de años para poder disfrutar tanto!!! De corazon MIL GRACIAS IN DEPHT MUSIC POR COMPARTIR CON TODOS NOSOTROS MUSICA INCREIBLE, EXQUISITA, MISTERIOSA, CAUTIVANTE Y LIBRE!!! GRACIAS!!!…("White Magic Spell" es HERMOSA!!!)

  • Este canal é especializada post-punk e anos 80s e a cada lançamentos impressionante a qualidade das bandas chega à encher o coração de alegria no caso desta banda é mais uma pérola aliás eu quero mais lançamentos o que é bom pode melhorar ainda mais obrigado são Paulo brasil um abraço 25/10/2022

  • just got this record yesterday! love it

  • This group sounds a lot like XTC.

  • First track is great

  • hi have a good night everyone

  • Found this album back in 2016 and totally forgot about it. Thanks for this

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