WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE GOTH? ☠ Gothic People Explained! ☠ All about Goth Subculture ☠ Darkslayeress

 WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE GOTH? ☠ Gothic People Explained! ☠ All about Goth Subculture ☠ Darkslayeress

What does it mean to be Goth? What is Goth? What is Gothic Fashion? WHY IS EVERYONE WEARING BLACK!?! In this video, you’ll learn all about the Goth Subculture from the perspective of a seasoned Goth. So if you’re worried about your daughter wanting to be Goth and NEED to know if it is a safe thing or not, you’ve come to the right place.

Obviously, this video won’t answer ALL of your questions, so please feel free to leave any questions that you may have about Gothic related things in the comments. I’ll try to answer them to the best of my abilities via reply OR via a YouTube video.

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PLEASE ADVISE: The word “Goth” and “Gothic” both mean different things to different people as each individual has a unique perspective, unique experiences and unique thoughts. Please respect the views and opinions of each other in the comments so that we can keep this channel a kind and respectful place. Otherwise, I may ban you from it altogether. Capeesh? 😉

Thank you so much for watching this video! I hope that you found it helpful and that it gave you the answer you were looking for. Please let me know if you have any further questions or if you have any video requests. I’ll do my best to accommodate (within reason).

Keep it Stylish!
~ Darkslayeress 💋💀💋💀

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  • REMINDER: Please keep comments respectful. 💀 Also, please be aware that when I mentioned an "appreciation for the dark and spooky things in life," that most Gothic Music would fall under that category. That said, not all Goths enjoy only DarkWave, DeathRock, etc. We are all humans capable of enjoying the variety that life has to offer. To limit oneself to only one music taste, one makeup look, one pair of platform boots, etc. would be to live a life of imprisonment.

  • 👍👍👍🖤💀🖤💀🖤

  • Like with me I'm actually a Christian Gothic who just basically reads the Bible but still gets judged by other people that are Christian and go to church

  • Id rather be dead than be a goth

  • Goth is a music based subculture, if you don't listen to the music at all your not Goth, your gothic.

  • Goths are followers of the Satan. Doesn't matter if they realize it or don't

  • Bro stop that not only goths wear black clothes shi'ia brothers also wear black colored clothes that doesnt mean that if any body wear black clothes is a shitty goth sheezh bro stop promoting your stupid culture

  • I am equally interested in bright colors and dark colors. I appreciate shadow and light. I appreciate death and the look of sadness. Tears are beautiful, silence is supreme. However I hate the thought of make up on my face, I can appreciate tattoos but I would not want one on me. I love many types of music and have been to grudge events. I don’t really dress in a particular style other than I usually wear jeans and plain ts. Only in the last 5 years have I worn shirts with a print. I wouldn’t call myself goth but definitely admire the so called look and the artistic ways of expressing and capturing death and sorrow.

  • Goths should grow up, that's all i have to say.

  • I am not a goth I just like the moon and nighttime I said, have you heard of Mario and Luigi superstar saga is a very good game

  • Just fvcking weirdos: Goth or Punk

  • which goth are u??

  • Btw I listen to rock music pink Floyd is my favourite band i know other rock bands but i don’t know them that well and i also think we need to appreciate the bad and good things in life sometimes cry be angry and also i really like red black and green colors also white brown grey kinda blue it’s cool too other colours not as much I like how the pentagram looks and also I like how people’s skeleton looks alike and it’s pretty much all i want to be goth but only when I’m older like 15 or 16 years old

  • Thank you for your great explanation.I always felt like a was a Goth, but I was afraid to show it to others until I found the song The night by Arelio Voltaire.After exploring YouTube for more song and video about the subculture found out that I wasn't alone at all .Now feel a bit silly having hidden a big part of myself for most of my life.

  • This is such a stupid way to view life 😂😂

  • Poser. Goth is a MUSIC based subculture.

  • How to spot a poser "goth" YouTuber: when the YouTuber does not even mention the CORE of our subculture, which is the music.

  • Poser. Goth is a music based subculture.

  • Poser alert. Goth is a music based subculture. I recommend following Angela Benedict on YouTube if you guys want to actually learn what Goth is . This YouTuber is clueless, and is NOT a part of our subculture.

  • I'm interested in something related but why do you mean appreciation death & why do y'all wear cross

  • Wtf is wrong with you people

  • I have a friend who loves being goth I use to think it was a evil thing but not anymore

  • ⛄🥷

  • the only requirement to be goth is LISTEN TO GOTH MUSIC. it’s a MUSIC based subculture. you can literally wear pink and purple pajamas and have green hair and still be goth. have fun everyone! (p.s it’s ok to listen to other music other than goth rock but please listen to goth music, it’s a MUSIC BASED SUBCULTURE PLEASE KEEP THAT IN MIND)

  • Goth girls are bimbos. Emotionless bimbos,and demons,who don't want to love ,nor to be loved.

  • What is the difference between goth and emo culture?

  • Whoever labels her/himself in a limited exposed known cult/character has an identity crisis.

  • Goths always look so depressed and suicidal. Poor souls

  • ATTENTION!!!! JESUS CHRIST is coming. Jesus loves you but He will not put up with sin. Jesus came to Earth and died for our sin. Repent of your sins and accept Jesus into your heart and let him transform your life. Romans 5:8 – While we were still sinners Christ died for you and me.

  • Are Paradise Lost and Type O Negative Goth?

  • Lost my mum 3days ago 😢 also mental health issues 😔 my channel

  • So I'm not goth?😤

  • This video is so misinforming lol

  • 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀 love goth

  • Hey, I just wanted to thank you for this. Specially that I found out about myself that I am a GOTHIC person without my notice. I do really love dark energetic snd poweful music, black and white clothes. Dark and scary stories. So thank you for this😌✌

  • Today being goth is just pure nonsense, I remember in the 90s goths used to be really edgy and liked dark and hard stuff and they were really into Poe, Baudulaire, metal, witchcraft and satanism. Today edgy is just a fetiche that's all

  • You are beautiful

  • Interesting, thank you

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