What Goths Listen to in 2021: Spotify’s Most-Streamed Dark & Goth Bands [PostPunk/Synth-Wave/Doomer]

 What Goths Listen to in 2021: Spotify’s Most-Streamed Dark & Goth Bands [PostPunk/Synth-Wave/Doomer]

postpunk #synthwave #doomer What Goths Listen to in 2021: Spotify’s Most-Streamed Dark & Goth Bands [PostPunk/Synth-Wave/Doomer] Playlist on Spotify: …


GothicBop: Batwave and Guilty Pleasures

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  • Timestamps for y'all 🙂 :

    00:00 – Boy Harsher – Pain (428K Monthly Listeners)
    07:20 – Lebanon Hanover – Living On The Edge (310K Monthly Listeners)
    12:12 – She Past Away – Girdap (153K Monthly Listeners)
    16:42 – The Soft Moon – Wrong (143K Monthly Listeners)

    20:02 – Drab Majesty – Cold Souls (124K Monthly Listeners)

    25:29 – Soft Kill – Wanting War (116K Monthly Listeners)

    29:05 – Tempers – Guidance (92K Monthly Listeners)

    33:39 – Minuit Machine+Hante. – Danger (33K+37K Monthly Listeners)

    38:27 – Actors – Face Meets Glass (64K Monthly Listeners)

    42:04 – Rendez Vous – Demian (68K Monthly Listeners)

    45:48 – Sextile – Visions of You (57K Monthly Listeners)

    50:18 – Velvet Condom – Samt und Stein (54K Monthly Listeners)

    53:09 – Linea Aspera – Redshift (56K Monthly Listeners)

    57:21 – Ritual Howls – This is Transcendence (49K Monthly Listeners)

    01:03:09 – Twin Tribes – The River (47K Monthly Listeners)

    01:07:07 – Geneva Jacuzzi – Squid Hunter (46K Monthly Listeners)

    01:09:16 – Selofan – Ist Die Liebe Tot? (37K Monthly Listeners)

    01:12:16 – Kaelan Miklan – Nornalagið (Nott eftir nott) (36K Monthly Listeners) [thumbnail]

    01:16:40 – BONUS: Molchat Doma – Удалил Твой Номер (2M Monthly Listeners)

  • I thought "goth chicks" listen to rap nowadays? oh wait those are fake goths

  • Ohhh, I didn't know that I am goth… really

  • The SOft Moon – Wrong made me literally go WOW When I heard it. I love that! Thank you for introducing me to it. Holy …Fan.

  • Boy Harsher is definitely Up There On My Playlist 🙂

  • Clearly this is a list of the most played NEW goth bands. The total lack of classic goth makes this evident. But despite that omission, a nice set of bands.


  • Ladies
    Take me to your love tonight where never has the dark burned so…..bright…

  • prayers

  • is this a supermarket flyer for generation z tik tok kids to sell out the surface of subculture… weird title for this video

  • Exkucchio the most marvelúz miusík para mis imperiales oídos

  • That's just too much synthesizer for me. I prefer the good old bands with real instruments and batcave or desthrock sound.

  • although i am a metalist-goth girls always attracted me.i like the way they dress up and many of them are really beautyful.the bluehead for example

  • Do you really think that Goths need to be told what they are listening too.

  • I think goth kids today might like Kas Product & Soma Holiday (from the 80s.) or the entire Cold Wave movement…

  • boy harsher opening up to this thumbnail wasn't expected. thought it was going to be some horrid pop trying to pass for goth, had me fooled.

  • These are just dark synth bands too, there’s so much more out there like Chelsea Wolfe, True Widow, King Woman, Lingua Ignota…etc etc etc

  • where does this stuff come from and how do they survive?

  • <3

  • this all sounds like john maus to me

  • That first song is just what cenobites would listen to.

  • lol so weird all these people styled like how we grew up wow how original !

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