Woman dresses up as a goth for date after man tells her not to dress ‘like a witch’

 Woman dresses up as a goth for date after man tells her not to dress ‘like a witch’

A famous saying claims “there’s someone for everyone”. But finding that person can be hard work.

One would-be Romeo recently fell short in the romance department after he instructed a woman on how she should dress for their date.

Form a queue, ladies of Tinder.

In addition to your quest for the perfect partner, you can also get some free, unwanted fashion advice too.

This is what happened to Megan Elizabeth when she matched with a young man called Trevor.

The pair arranged to meet at Panera, an American chain of bakeries, but Megan was left surprised by his request before they met.

Megan in her goth makeup
Megan ignored her date’s requst

Megan applying her makeup
The woman was praised for her response

Trevor messaged her to demand that she “look pretty” and not to “show up looking like a goth witch or something,” adding “I don’t like that.”

Naturally, Megan took exception at this and shared a video of her getting ready – with full goth glam.

She added: “I decided to get ready and do the exact opposite of what he requested because I do what I want.”

Megan then showed off her look before heading to the bakery – and she looked incredible, with black lips and smoky eyes.

Her video went viral, with thousands of people begging for updates about what happened when he saw her.

She shared another video, showing her arriving at the chain and texting Trevor to announce she’s arrived.

Messages between Megan and Trevor
Trevor left the date

Megan showing off her final look before going on her date
She was praised for her response

As expected, he reacted in an incredibly rude fashion and refused to go on the date.

Megan shared a screengrab of the messages, where she wrote: “I just got here. Getting a table.”

Trevor replied: “I literally just saw you walking by….all girls are the same.”

“I asked for one thing…for you to look pretty and not dress like that.

“I’m not coming in and being out in public with you like that so embarrassing.”


Luckily, Megan wasn’t upset by his decision and shared a clip of herself enjoying a bagel while listening to Slipknot.

Her videos went viral, with many praising Megan for ignoring Trevor’s demands.

One person commented: “The audacity for him to think he can ‘ask’ for anything on the first date.”

Another said: “Good thing we weren’t put on this earth to please men.”

A third added: “I support this. Who the hell tells a date how to dress?! A guy who deserves to stay single that’s who.”

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