Yugoslav Darkwave, Gothic Rock & New Wave from the 80s

This mixtape is a tribute to many great bands from Yugoslavia and neighboring countries that contributed a lot to the Darkwave & Post-Punk movement of the Balkans in the 80s.

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Phantasmagoria – Poziv U Raj 00:00
Put – Morbidi I Mnoći 03:38
Variété – Jak Srebro 07:50
Trivalia – To nisam više ja 11:02
Demolition Group – You Better Stay Alive 14:05
Max & Intro – Beogradska Devojka 19:02
Nemesis – Stranger 21:58
Romantične Boje – San 25:29
Naumahija – Utre 29:30
Альянс – На заре 33:27
Tužne Uši – Hod kroz maglu 39:08


Comments (21) on “Yugoslav Darkwave, Gothic Rock & New Wave from the 80s”

  1. Thanks for all your comments of support. Please check out my other mixtapes as well (at least those that haven't been taken down by Youtube yet)
    P.S. For those of you complaining about non-Yugoslavian bands being in the mixtape, kindly read the description and you'll understand. Thanks

  2. Οι άλιανς μόνο που ήταν σοβιετικό γκρουπάκι.. κατά τα άλλα πολύ καλό μιξ.. Живела Југославија🇲🇰🇷🇸🇸🇮🇭🇷🇧🇦🇲🇪

  3. Thank you uploader for the great mixtape. I'll echo everyone's comments of support here, I am very glad to see a slice of Eastern European culture flourishing during totalitarian times, and inviting us to reflect on a cocktail of strange feelings – a mix of nostalgia, dreaminess and weariness inherent in these darkwave beats.

    Now may I ask if anyone knows what and where is the building in the photo? It's beautiful!

  4. You should have used the original Beogradska Devojka from 1985, the one in the video is a demo version? his family and friends released after Max’s death as a tribute to him if I’m right. He worked on other songs too and after his death in 2004 all of those songs were released as an album called The Future Has Designed Us in 2015.

  5. Was a bit confused to see Альянс and Variété in the mis, but yeah, I've rea the descriprion later.
    Doesn't matter, the mix is great. The tracks mixed great. some bands were explored. Thank you for your job, you did great.

  6. It's pretty pathetic you blatantly copied the mixtape by Hauntology House for so many of these songs. You even included a Polish song and a Russian song which shows how much research you actually did. Lmao

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